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Every year, the Lions have a Ramadan BBBQ (the extra B comically standing for the Arabic word bid’ah, or innovation/innovatory).

This year we opted for something different – we went to the farm! But not any ol’farm, a halal organic farm!


The farm was your basic traditional one, but one located in the picturesque town of Kidlington in Oxfordshire.

And with all farms, this had a variety of live stock and animals including loads of sheep, pacos, as well as a large pony.


After a number of wrong turns, head scratching, and the side-stepping of lots of sheeps’ dung, we eventually managed, despite a fairly well drawn map handed to us, to find our way to the camp site.

Undaunted, however, and in spite of the intense sun beating down on us in the middle of a UK heat wave, we gallantly set up shop, lit the BBQ and the obligatory camp fire, before busily getting down to preparing the various selection of meats we had procured from the ever-so-kind and ever-so-helpful owners before the fast approaching iftar deadline.

Camp Site willow brook farm

Camp Site

And with 14 ravenous Lions to feed, you can bet we had plenty of Lamb Ribs and Lamb Cutlets; two variety of Beef Sausages viz. Rosemary & Garlic, and Merguez; Beef Burgers; Diced Beef; and Chicken Thighs:


Although you can hire a BBQ from the farm, we decided on bringing an extra large BBQ for obvious reasons. It was also convenient that a local Tesco, Co-op, or Sainsbury’s was only a 15 minutes drive away, if that, for those small, yet integral, things one invariably forgets on such trips.

After diligently marinading the appropriate meats, we were off and running:



Unfortunately, of all the meats, the lamb ribs turned out to be the biggest disappointment lined, as they were, with too much fat and sinew.

Otherwise, the rest was on the money, particularly the sausages and the organic beef burgers (very succulent).

cat two colour eyes

We even had a jinn-possessed red-eyed cat we fondly named Kitty to keep us company in the middle of the night!

camp tea fire

When you forget your cooking utensils. Improvisation at its best though!

And to top off the BBBQ, the owners kindly made us this tasty treat to go with our late evening bid’ah tea!

Chocolate Treacle Cake

Chocolate Treacle Cake

Overall, a fantastic evening at Willowbrook Farm where we were well looked after and made to feel very welcome by Khalil and his father.

willowbrook farm organic oxford

Willowbrook Farm,
Hampton Gay,
OX5 2QQ.


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  • This looks like a great adventure, I’m going to bring the troops over for this. Can’t wait.

    9 Jul '15
  • Stumbled across your review and glad I did because a bunch of us were in two minds, but this pretty much tips the scales. Jazakallah khair and Eid Mubarak too!

    16 Jul '15

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