Ma’Plucker’s Afternoon Tea Marks Queen Lizzie’s 90th Birthday


We were full of praise with Ma’Plucker’s innovation in trying to elevate the humble chicken.

And here they are again with a new menu that’s been inspired by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

menu-sWhat we have this time is a celebratory Afternoon Tea made up of a number of sweet and savoury snacks.

Now, although the boozy ice tea is, of course, out of the question, what you do have instead is the regular type.

And what you get with that are Lizzie’s Buns and Sylvia’s Sweets to match.

As for Lizzie’s Buns, then this half offers you two mini-burger sandwiches and a fried chicken on top of a maple waffle.

Whilst with Sylvia’s Sweets, you get Ma’Plucker’s version of the classic scone, fresh mini-doughnuts, and a Scotch egg, that’s right, a Scotch egg.


cakeLet’s start with the best of the six – Ma’s Chocolate and Corn Flake Scotch Egg. Owing to the corn flakes, this cold egg had more to it than meets the eye, with a lovely crunchy exterior that gave way to this rich, sweet and decadently creamy white chocolate interior that was quite delicious (had the texture of creamy cheese actually).

Ma’s Scoffle was a pretty good one too with the waffle itself more soft than crispy, with a strawberry layer topped by a cinnamon flavoured whipped cream that brought the whole thing together quite well.

As to the mini-doughnuts, then these were crunchy on the outside, hollow on the in, and lightly sugared with a caramel sauce drizzled over the top. Pretty good.

On to Sylvia’s Sweets.

The Fried Crispy Coated was pretty darn sweet overall, with one Lion enjoying that. The waffle was lightly sweetened with the crispy chicken being a mini-version of what’s available on the main menu. However, in our collective opinion, this needs a sauce to temper all that sweetness.

maplucker-doughnutAnd finally the dainty burgers with their cute little brioche buns.

The Pulled Chicken had a sweet BBQ-mayonnaise sauce added to it that gave it a slightly tangy aftertaste. Wasn’t bad actually. However, we felt the top bun on this was a little on the hard side.

As for the sauce to The Birthday Bun, then firstly there was a little too much of it, and secondly it had a herb type edge to it.

Have to say though, we preferred the Pulled Chicken to The Birthday Bun.

In the end, while we again admired the innovation behind this new menu, particularly that Scotch egg and Ma’s Scoffle, there were one or two items that weren’t executed as well as they should have been. We also felt that, overall, the menu was leaning on the sweet side.

Ma’Plucker’s Afternoon Tea celebrating Lizzie’s 90th is available until the end of June for £16.50 between the hours: weekends 12:00-18:00, weekdays 15:00-18:00.

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