chef special duck burger burgista bros halal

Duck me Burger @Burgista Bros

After their successful ‘Oh Deer Burger’ from last year, Burgista Bros are keeping up with their monthly tradition of Chef’s Special Burgers with this big beauty: the Duck me Burger.

chef special duck burger halal burgista bros

Conceived by burger maestro himself, chef Chris Large, the mighty ‘Duck me Burger’ consists of Confit duck legs, hoi sin sauce (Chinese BBQ sauce), Stilton cheese, onion marmalade, topped with spring onion and cucumber.

chef special duck burger burgista bros halal

But, at £11, is it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes, yes, yes! What we have here is a premium product that’s daringly original and originally daring. Where else will you find a halal burger with lashings of pulled duck that’s elevated above the ordinary by the addition of this incredible hoi sin sauce, or Chinese BBQ sauce, a mildly sweet BBQ sauce which, coupled with the sweetness of the onion marmalade and the crunch of the fresh spring onions, makes this burger sing. Honestly, drop everything and get on over for this month’s special.

And Burgista Bros ought to be praised and commended for bucking the trend and pushing the boat out like this. This is precisely what we were calling for last year in a previous blog post titled Boring Bog Standard Burgers Galore wherein we implored the halal burger industry to stop being content with mediocrity and start innovating. And this is such a welcome to a saturated market.

In this case, as we said before:

It’s bold; it’s daring; it’s what most burger-makers in the halal market would find difficult to dream of, let alone conceive and execute.

And long may it continue!

Australian Wagyu beef meet

Premium Australian Wagyu Beef! And before you ask, nay interrogate, yes, we’ seen the halal certificate.

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  • Holy duck, that looks good. So I’ve been really looking forward to going here since it opened as I’m totally fed up with the unloved burgers from halal fast food places that literally don’t look anything like the pictures on the wall.

    19 Feb '16

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