German Doner Kebab Turm London

GDK seek legal advice over Doner Turm to ‘protect brand identity’

German Doner Kebab Turm London

GDK concerned that Doner Turm is seeking to ‘imitate’ its store design & branding…

A new doner kebab store in London could face legal action from one of the UK’s leading Halal fast food brands before it even launches next weekend.

German Doner Kebab (GDK) is expressing concerns over whether Doner Turm is violating its brand identity by seeking to “replicate or imitate” its store design and branding.

GDK has informed FtLion that it is currently pursuing legal advice against the newcomers who are scheduled to open in Islington’s Caledonian Road on Saturday 3 December.

While deeming it “important to protect brand identity”, GDK also said that it felt obliged to “safeguard” customers from “businesses seeking to take advantage of our image”.

Having launched its landmark 100th restaurant in London’s Covent Garden last month, GDK is well-known for using an orange, black and grey colour-scheme for its store design, as well as an illustration of a doner kebab rotisserie in its logo.

German Doner Kebab Turm London

Are GDK product images being used by Doner Turm on their Instagram page?

GDK ‘believe it is important to protect brand identity’

With what appears to be an orange-coloured doner kebab rotisserie being used in its logo artwork, Doner Turm also posted an image on its Instagram page last week (November 15) of what seems to be a mockup design of the interior of its inaugural store.

This depiction shows the new brand also using an orange and black colour scheme, which prompted one Instagram user (gurkan_bozdere) to comment: “Looks a bit like GDK no?”

This illustration might also be utilising product images belonging to GDK as alluded to by them in the following correspondence with FtLion.

“We place great value in our brand and related image and are concerned by the actions of Doner Turm who, in our view, have sought to replicate or imitate certain features of our store design and branding.

“We have passed this matter to our legal advisors as we believe it is important to protect brand identity and safeguard our customers from any confusion that might be caused by businesses seeking to take advantage of our image,” a GDK spokesperson told FtLion.

Doner Turm did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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  • GDK is horrible! It looks appealing but i’ve ate here twice and on both occasions the food was really off. One time it smelt like dried fish (shutki) and another time I instantly had the worst tummy ache. Does not seem to be cooked properly and there are multiple reviews about it.

    They should fix their food first before going after others.

    14 Dec '22
  • Seriously guys. If youre a Turk and you were grown within the culture of meat then you go to GDK – it feels like its an insult to the Doner that you’d eat in The Best Kebab in Dalston, or Umut 2000 in Harringey.

    The oil they use tastes disgusting. I only had it twice and decided its not for me.

    GDK should take a legal advice for itself for serving crap food

    22 Mar '23

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