Halal Turkeys Organic Free-Range Christmas London

Organic & free range Halal turkeys delivered nationwide

With demand for both organic and free range Halal turkeys being high this year, we’ve made your life just that little bit easier with these five online companies that deliver directly to your door.

But with limited stock, it would be a good idea to put in that order now so as to avoid disappointment and have yours delivered on time.


Halal Turkey Online Order Delivery Organic Free Range Abraham Organics

Credit: Abraham Organics

“Free Range White Kelly Turkeys raised in Devon” and “the only Halal Organic Turkeys in the UK”, says Abraham Organics, who offer both:

  • Free-range – Medium 6kg £89.70; Large 8kg £111.60; X-large 10kg – £129.50.
  • Organic – Medium 6kg, £119.70; Large 8kg – £151.60; X-Large 10kg – £170.00.

They are the only website of the five that clearly label their birds either free-range or organic, which also makes them the most expensive! In addition, Abraham Organics offer geese and duck too!


Pure Gourmet Halal Turkey Christmas

Credit: Pure Gourmet

Formerly known as Halal Exotic Meats, Pure Gourmet are providing the following selection of whole turkeys, but which will be freshly available for delivery on 23rd December. Aside from the whole, they also offer Turkey parts too:


Saffron Alley Halal Turkey Delivery Christmas

Credit: Saffron Alley

Saffron Alley are the new boys on the block and have made quite the entrance since their recent launch. They are offering free range, hormone-/antibiotic-/GM-free whole turkey:

  • Whole Turkey 6kg – £59.50 – 15% off using code: FTL15

NOTE: Only available for pre-order and delivered between 21st-24th December.


Tariq Halal Turkey Online Order Delivery

Credit: Tariq Halal

Tariq Halal actually offer turkeys that aren’t just far more affordable in comparison to others, but all year round. The origin of theirs is French, and they’re far smaller too:


Willowbrook Farm Halal Free Range Organic Turkeys Christmas

Credit: Willowbrook Farm

Put in your orders now for the limited number of their “natural and slow growing” turkeys, which are “hand plucked and hung to improve taste, delivered oven ready, with wings and with giblets”, by 17th December:

  • Bronze Turkey Crown – Small 3-4kg £64; Medium 5-6kg £82; Large 6-7kg £99
  • Whole Bronze Turkey – Extra Small 4-5kg £77; Small 5-6kg £94; Medium 6-7kg £110; Large 7-8kg £128; Extra Large 8-9kg £144;

NOTE: Order now for delivery dates 21st and 22nd, as well as collection dates 22nd-24th.

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