Salaam Eats Halal Restaurant Takeaways App Website Ordering System

Salaam eats launches biggest UK Halal food & ordering platform


Salaam Eats Halal Restaurant Takeaways App Website Ordering System

Every business has gone through an extensive Halal verification process which includes… conversations with their owners and reviewing menus…

Offering a world-class online ordering platform, Salaam eats has enabled restaurants to take full advantage of being able to manage their own online ordering platforms. With their ever-growing downloads and popularity in the Muslim community, they are leading the way in the Halal food industry.

They have strived to ensure that only restaurants and takeaways that have “gone through an extensive Halal verification process” are included on their app.

They also ensure a seamlessly efficient service while maintaining confidence that the food being delivered is, of course, genuinely Halal.

This is where the indispensable service offered by the online food ordering technology of Salaam eats comes in to help meet both objectives.

Not only does Salaam eats provide “the largest directory of Halal food places in the entire UK”, but a clean and efficient cart system for placing direct orders either through their website or via their intuitive mobile app in a way that’s second to none. Here is an example of a direct order online system, Crave Joint powered by Salaam eats.

Salaam eats Halal ordering app food businesses

Brands on Salaam eats…

Why you need to sign-up to Salaam eats now…

Salaam eats works closely with restaurants to help them grow their customer base. They provide a range of services such as app promotions, social media marketing, online content engagement among others services.

By signing up to their service, businesses can benefit from their app’s banner advertisement, as well as their ‘Popular’ and ‘Local’ hero status, to help increase their profile thereby reaching a far larger audience than their competitors.

With a convenient ‘One-Look Dashboard’ displaying all the information required at a single glance, including pre-orders, collection properly managing in house delivery. Salaam Eats technology also yields a comprehensive marketing report to assist in business growth which means more profit.

What distinguishes Salaam eats’ online ordering service from its competitors is that they maximise restaurants revenue whilst allowing them to maintain competitive menu prices. This works in favour for both restaurants and happy customers.

Using the Salaam eats platform is not just “the best way to eat Halal”, it’s the best way to engage and keep connected with Halal foodies across the UK.

Available on Playstore and App Store, download the app now by clicking here.

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