Verana Instant Boiling Halal Water Tap

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Verana Instant Boiling Halal Water Tap

Did you know that on average we Brits don’t just boil our kettles four times a day, but also use more electricity on this appliance than we do our ovens?

Wouldn’t it be convenient therefore, given our demand for piping hot water throughout the day, if such an amenity was accessible on tap?

Well now it is, quite literally in fact, with UK-based company Verana having introduced a ‘3-in-1 instant boiling water tap’ as an indispensable solution to our requirements.

With the “specific intention to combine the best quality design with affordability”, this product doesn’t just dispense hot and cold water from a single tap, but boiled too.

Aesthetically, this premium product comes in five attractive colours: Chrome, Brushed Antique Copper, Brushed Antique Gold, Brushed Antique Brass, and Matt Black.

‘Combining the best quality design with affordability’

While a 360° swivel spout assures ease of use and extra accessibility, the tap comes with a boiler, complete with a built-in digital touch screen for easy navigation, which helps regulate the water temperature between 75°C to 98°C.

More impressively, while a child-friendly safety feature allows for the release of the boiling water when required, the inclusion of a carbon water-filter means that it is readily available for safe consumption.

With free shipping available across the UK, not only do these 3-in-1 instant boiling water taps come with a standard 3-year warranty, but Verana has also teamed up with FtLion to offer an  extra 10% off using code ‘FTL10’ at checkout .

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