Battle of the Hot Dogs – Rollover Vs Auntie Anne’s

By Aku Fu


Being a sucker for hot dogs, there were two particular ones I recently came across that deserve a mention.

The first was Auntie Anne’s, a common chain found in a lot of shopping centres.

auntie-annes-pretzels-uxbridge-hot-dogThe one I encountered was a small one (I’ve seen much bigger and more attractive Auntie Anne’s in other shopping areas) located in intu Uxbridge Shopping Centre.

Despite being primarily a Hand-Rolled Pretzels stand, which along with other offerings are good enough in their own right, it’s the Jumbo Chilli Cheese Dog that I would come back for.

Now although they do have pepperoni and bacon on the menu, I assumed, given the big Halal logo plastered on the stand along with the Hijabi employee working there (not that that counts as any proof!) that the beef and chicken based hot dogs are all Halal.

And while I haven’t received a response to the email I sent them through their website, I’m going by the principle of what’s stated and apparent!

auntie-annes-pretzels-uxbridge-hot-dogAs for the hot dogs, then there are many options available. But my taste buds went for the Jumbo Chilli Cheese Dog, with Jalapeños and melted cheese.

This, however, seemed larger than the last time I had it here – I would say around 20cm long.

Taste-wise, this is an incredible hot dog. And though I’ve become bored of most sausages to the point of having given up eating them, this one is outstanding and keeps me coming back.

Its texture and taste, alongside the pastry style coating and toppings, make it the BEST hot dog I have ever had – my running favourite so far.

Big statement, I know!

Rollover Hot Dog

My second was had, or more appropriately grabbed in this case, during a quick pit stop for a tenners worth of petrol, where I spotted these Halal hot dogs next to the counter.

Looking like they had just been put in – nice and hot – I picked one up.

rollover-hot-dogs-to-goNot sure if there was a ketchup and mustard stand, but since I was rushing out, I didn’t have time to look around.

Later, when opening it up, it did look a bit bare, and would have been nice with some sauces and fried onions; but maybe that’s asking too much.

The packaging was nice, with heat-insulated wrapper. More impressively, it was a large dawg – a foot long at least.

Unfortunately this came in a soft baguette where I would have preferred the standard soft, sweet fluffy hot dog bun.

It was quick and easy to eat and a good filling snack.

The sausage was as good as any normal dog; as good as the majority I have had in fact – not sickly, though not outstanding either.

My kids didn’t have any, but I know they would love and crave it.

But with my slightly more advanced taste buds and years of many types of sausage fests, as well as with so many other options available nowadays, this dog was all a bit same-same, and trying it once was for me more than sufficient.

So if your passing by a BP Spar shop, or any other tuck shop that has one of these little vending boxes, then it’s worth a try as an alternative to a sarnie.

In comparison, Auntie Anne’s Jalapeño Cheese Dog is still the best hot dog I’ve had and one I consistently consume if the circumstance presents itself. Not many dogs fit that bill!

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