James Cochran’s First Venture in East London

KOSHER STATUS “James Cochran Restaurant offers Kosher upon a 48 hour request ahead of time.”

James Cochran Restaurant
James Cochran Restaurant
James Cochran Restaurant
James Cochran Restaurant
James Cochran Restaurant

Following the success of his pop-up Camberwell Love on Great Windmill Street, James Cochran (Twitter @jcochranchef) will be launching his first restaurant in London this month.

Calling it by his own namesake, James Cochran Restaurant, this East London venue will feature an entirely new menu which, FtL has been informed, also “offers Kosher upon a 48 hour request ahead of time”.

While keeping true to his heritage and roots with the inclusion of his famous Caribbean jerk chicken and treacle cured salmon, new additions will include his smoke eel and Mayfield cheese toasties with horseradish mayo to name a few.

The menu travels through to moorish small plates such as the succulent pigeon breast featuring ingredients including liquorice, hazelnut and bay cream.

From small to exquisite large plates, Cochran’s menu includes Kent coast sea bass, roast onion tea, cauliflower and sea vegetables through to the exotic guinea fowl highlighted with wild mushrooms, crisp potato and chestnuts.

The new opening will include an autumnal favourite of figs with honeycomb and Madeira, lemon doughnuts a twist on the knickerbocker glory with the melt in your mouth Snickerbocker glory; and lastly his Jersey milk parfait with roasted pineapple and sesame seeds.

The former chef of the renowned 2*Michelin, The Ledbury, has kept this venue relatively small with just 45 covers.

James Cochran Restaurant opens to the public on Monday 21st November and breathes fresh air into East London’s restaurant scene. Prebookings are available by telephone or email via the website below.

Please note that pork is also present on the menu, with some dishes being cooked with alcohol.

james-cochranJames Cochran Restaurant
19 Bevis Marks
Liverpool Street
London EC3A 7JB

T: +44 (0)20 3868 6123 | W: www.jcochran.restaurant | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: 12pm-3pm (lunch), 6pm-10pm (dinner)

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