Abu Zaad, Syrian - Shepherd's Bush, West Ealing

Abu Zaad (Syrian) – Shepherd’s Bush, West Ealing

Shepherd’s Bush


This is just around the corner from Westfield Shopping Centre and is, therefore, always packed given the many Arabs in the area.

We’d therefore recommend booking ahead if you’re planning a weekend visit of more than four people.

Mixed Grill - skewser of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and minced with chips

Mixed Grill – skewser of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and minced with chips

Cold Starters

Cold Starters!

Compared to Divan kebabs, these are hard and bland with the lamb cubes seemingly unmarinated. Note: most of the main courses come with chips.

The cold starters were so cold, we were left shivering.

Okay, bad joke, but truth be told, they were decent enough nonetheless.

Cold aubergine does, however, become a little sickening by the time you reach your last morsel.

Pasta cooked with tamarind & lentil is also tasty and worth a try.

Bear in mind that three cold starters gets you a discount.


Pasta cooked with tamarind & lentil, served with fried something cooked in water, lemon juice & olive oil.

Crushed chickpeas mixed with sesame oil, lemon juiceand olive oil dressing

Crushed chickpeas mixed with sesame oil, lemon juice and olive oil dressing.


Aubergine, fresh pepper, parsley, garlic, lemon juice & olive oil.

West Ealing

Now on to the new West Ealing branch (Sep’14).

Farrouj Abou Zaad grilled boneless baby ...

Farrouj Abou Zaad – grilled boneless baby …

£8 – Good portion with rice (not shown) or chips.

A winner, but to be honest, no better than Peri Peri chicken down the road.


Cold Starter, Fattet Makdous: Boiled minced lamb and fried aubergine, and fried pitta bread in yogurt and tahina …

Mmmmm, where have you been all our lives.

This was a good’en!


Mixed Grill – skewer of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and minced …

They just don’t know how to do grilled meat well!

It’s a bit plastic-like and fairly tasteless, as are the chips.

Makloba - (Aubergine rice

Makloba – Aubergine rice, lamb cubes and nuts cooked in special sauce, served with salad or yogurt…

It looked nice, but the meat had little taste with the whole dish being bland.

You’ll do well to finish it.


Kastaleta Lamb – Lamb cutlet

Crap piece of naan; bland food; ergo, avoid the barbecue section until drastic improvements are made.

Kabseh With Lamb

Kabseh With Lamb – Rice, lamb, onion, served with salad or yogurt

Two tasteless though easy-to-cut slabs of lamb meat.

A rare case where the picture perhaps does it justice… perhaps.

Kebab Hindi - Minced lamb, tomato & onion Abu Zaad

Kebab Hindi – Minced lamb, tomato & onion, oven baked with chips or rice

At last something to write positively about. Get this (with rice).

The tomato has taste which is the reason you go out to eat.


£2.50 fresh Juice: Abu Zaad Special – Mint – Tropical

Whatever you decide to get, these beverages are all fresh and delicious. But the tropical one triumphs over the rest.

Abu Zaad
2.5 FTL's Roar
1.3 Pride's Roar (3 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO/ NO
Last Checked: 20/2/18
All in all, nothing to write home about be it the Shepherd's Bush branch or the West Ealing one.

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Abu Zaad
29 Uxbridge Rd
London W12 8LH

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00–23:00 | Weekends 11:00-00:00

T: +44 (020 8749 5107 | W: www.abuzaad.co.uk


Abu Zaad
20-22 Broadway,
London W13 0SU

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00–22:30

T: +44 (0)20 8840 2012 | W: www.abuzaad.co.uk

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  • Abuzaad is ****

    29 Jul '14
  • There is so much more on the menu better then what you ordered.

    6 Aug '14
  • Wanted to share my views since I’d come across some good reviews about this restaurant so decided to try it out. TBH, it was very disappointing. Parking is a nightmare with double yellow lines around the area, which means that you cannot park in the evening. ?Food is over-priced IMO and poor value for money. A small plate of chips ordered as an extra costs almost £2.50. With regards to the taste of the food we ordered – it was extremely mediocre with very small portions. Seemed like we were actually having something Chinese because of the sauces & ingredients they used. Service was good I guess.

    26 Aug '14
  • I’ve been going to the Shepherd’s Bush branch for a while given I live in Acton and it’s no where near as bad as you guys are making out, seriously.
    Harsh is all I’m saying.
    Plus don’t you guys realise that these and others like them are making a living and your criticism might be making things harder for them. I’m not saying don’t review food, but at least don’t tear people’s livelihood apart in the process.
    How about being a little bit more nuanced in your approach.

    29 Sep '14
    • It’s called constructive criticism. Maybe if and when they read this they might improve themselves and hey ho tally ho increased profit…win win!

      22 Jun '15
  • So I went for a quick bite at West Ealing branch last night and I ordered a Chicken shawarma. You know that WRAP with meaty, vegi and sauces WRAP. Did I mention it’s a WRAP? Like a roll WRAPPED with the goodies inside?

    Well what I got was cheap doner dried chicken, with some standard salad (iceberg lettuce, a slice of tomato, a pickle chili and some pink thing) with the chosen chips and the roti naan all on the plate seperate NOT WRAPPED!

    This was supposed to be a 9 quid dish from the main menu that was clearly not the described meal. I could have got the same WRAPPED at Taste of Lahore for 4.50 across the road. Wow never thought I’d praise that place, but adjust they offer what they profess to be.

    After having the meal I asked for the manager (I doubt it was him) and after briefly accepting the disappointment of it not coming wrapped he gave me this cock and bull arabic lingo which describes what a wrap is and this is not what a shawarma is. And then while turning away barely authorised and hesitated to a discount on the meal. Which I politely declined. But was not even included on the final bill.

    Seriously PEOPLE DON’T EVER GO TO A RESTAURANT WHERE YOU HAVE OF THE BOAT WORKERS OFFERING YOU THIS KIND OF MARKET STALL SERVICE. You can dress up a pad all you want but if you lack genuine courtesy you have no business running and serving food.

    A shawarma … UN WRAPPED!

    And the moron felt the need to make me feel guilty for not understanding the so-called intricacies of the shawarma Arabic variations!

    11 Aug '16

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