MasterChef Moonira Alex Finals

MasterChef criticised on Twitter after Moonira elimination

MasterChef Moonira Alex Finals

I dunno what happened! I absolutely thought I was going home today. – Alex

BBC MasterChef judges fell into controversy again yesterday following their decision to eliminate Moonira Hinglotwala from the competition during Final’s week.

Fans of the show immediately took to Twitter to express their shock and disagreement over the verdict after Alex and Kenny narrowly scraped through.

But it was Alex’s inclusion over Moonira that irked the vast majority of Twitter-goers who roundly criticised John Torode and Gregg Wallace on another “wrong decision”.

Moonira’s dish to remain in the competition was praised for her presentation, with Torode acknowledging: “I love your okra; very very heavily spiced and soft.”

Although the judges concluded that her flavours were “nowhere near as big and as punchy” as her previous dishes, Alex’s also came in for criticism.


“Alex came into this round cooking chicken, chips and salad; that is one brave cook,” said Torode.

“But the chicken wing was not crispy at all. I didn’t really wanna eat it,” added Wallace.

Ironically, it appeared to many on Twitter that the final decision once more hinged on the cooking of chicken skin.

One Twitter user, Sean, questioned how Wallace “puts someone through after saying he couldn’t eat the wings she [Alex] cooked, how does that work #masterchefUK [sic]”.

Earlier in the competition, Torode and Wallace came under heavy fire from people across the world, including the Far East, after the elimination of Malaysian contestant Zaleha Olpin over the cooking of her chicken skin.


But the chicken wing was not crispy at all. I didn’t really wanna eat it – Wallace

Having cooked a traditional Malay chicken rendang, the decision by the judges, which came to be known as #RendangGate, was even questioned by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razek.

This time the judges decided to overlook Portuguese Alex’s soggy chicken skin, forcing Mark to remark on Twitter: “She had a mare of a day but chicken & chips with a salad from Alex. Have a word @JohnTorode1 & @GreggAWallace.”

Earlier in the show, the five contestants were sent to work under Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks who assigned them a dish each to cook at his Black Swan restaurant in North Yorkshire.

While a nervous Moonira managed to complete her dish on time, despite having never cooked with scallops before, Alex fell into trouble.

Not only did she forgot her crispy kale before being reminded by Banks, but she also ran past her designated time limit by a full five minutes.

This disparity was also seized upon and highlighted by various Twitter users including Bincy Shiju: “Alex – forget a part of the dish, held service for 5mts, cooks faulty chicken dish in the final round – goes through.

“Moonira – struggled but still delivered in time, cooks a nice dish & always have [sic].”

Following Moonira’s controversial departure, a visibly relieved Alex admitted: “I dunno what happened! I absolutely thought I was going home today.”

Moonira, whose spicy Indian-oriented dishes have wowed both the judges and her fans across social media throughout this year’s competition, was noble in defeat: “I’m disappointed. But at the same time I’m happy that I did get that chance.

“I’ve loved every single bit of it.”

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