Ojos Foods El Abuelo cured meat Halal spain

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There’s a unique authenticity to a family-run food business and their produce which simply can’t be found with local supermarkets.

The love, passion and enthusiasm invested by such small enterprises can’t be bought with money.

In this case, The Ojos Foods has all the above along with “over 30 years’ experience in charcuterie and agricultural products”.

While charcuterie traditionally involves the selling of pork products, the products in this case are entirely beef based, certified Halal and imported directly from Spain where owner, Encina, originates.

And if there’s one characteristic that separates this UK-based setup from any other in the same sector, it’s the premium nature of their produce.

Ojos Foods El Abuelo cured meat Halal spain

Our mission is to reach as many people as we can, so they can enjoy good, tasty, simple and natural food like we have all our lives.

With the emergence of heavily processed products, full of additives and preservatives, to the UK market, Encina is aiming to reverse this trend, while at the same time educating people, by presenting natural, tasty, Artisanal food.

With her intimate knowledge of Spain, its culture, and, most importantly, her contacts within the country’s relevant food industry, The Ojos Foods uniquely offers “high quality products made only with natural ingredients”.

Operating out of Luton, Encina says she only imports from “award-winning Spanish artisan suppliers whose essential motivation is to produce a high quality product, prepared with care and expertise handed down through generations”.

In short, therefore, The Ojos Foods’ Halal charcuterie is unparalleled and unrivalled as a niche business.

Ojos Foods El Abuelo cured meat Halal spain

Cecina de Leon Halal cured beef, El Abuelo Maragato Limited Edition – 2-star Great Taste Award 2018!

We grew up enjoying the fantastic, distinctive and unforgettable taste of homemade and home-grown products.

So how good are their products? Well, only last year in 2018, their exclusive Halal cured beef – the Cecina de Leon IGP, El Abuelo Maragato Limited Edition – was accredited a 2-star Great Taste Award.

These are the choicest cuts of the hindquarter of a cow that are, in strict compliance with IGP standards, carefully cured for over 18 months, using only the natural ingredients of beef, salt and natural smoke, to produce juicy strips of deeply-flavoured beef.

The Ojos Foods has also been making waves at Halal food festivals too, the most recent being the London Muslim Shopping Festival where their products received incredible feedback, including the following from established food blogger, The Modern Pakistani Cookhouse:

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cured MEAT HAUL! ???Well most of it anyway! Two packs of the BEEF BACON have already been *demolished*! This is more like hot pastrami when griddled and delicious in a sandwich (with plenty of mustard and wild rocket. Exactly what I'm making for the kids now, minus the yellow stuff)! I'm looking forward to putting together a hearty meat board over Easter weekend and tucking in to @theojosfoods slices of SMOKED, CURED HIND LEG of BEEF in particular. ? We tried it as it was being delicately and oh so wafer thinly sliced (like butter!) at the @muslimshoppingfest over the weekend, along with the chilli sausage and other goodies, and needless to say, we all new what we were taking home that evening. Melt in the mouth! ?????? PS online orders; www.theojosfoods.com !! #cecinadeleon #beef #cecinabeef #cured #jamon #smoked #halal #spanish #españa #meat #beefbacon #beefrashers #charcuterieboard #smokedsausage #paprika #chillisausage #pate #olive #tuna #pate #artisanfood #artisanal #bresaola #foodstagram #igfoodie #instagood #foodie #feast #smorgasbord #beefleg #halalfood

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Another Instagram food blogger and lifestyle content creator Halaaliyah Eats had this to say of the Cecina cured beef: “You can taste the years of tradition and experience in each morsel; as you are transported to Leon, Spain.”

With the business importing their products to retail, wholesale and food service sectors, The Ojos Foods offers an exclusive product range, available for ordering securely via their website www.theojosfoods.com, which, in addition to the aforementioned award-winning cured beef, includes:

  • Halal Cured Beef – An attractive, cherry-coloured block of Halal cured beef, with a delicate smoky aroma, that’s been certified by The Instituto Halal of Cordoba (Spain) – a credited member of the World Halal Food Council (www.whfc-halal.com).
  • Halal Beef Spicy Chorizo – Known for its deep smoky-cum-spicy flavour, it contains a remarkable 93% meat content!
  • Halal Beef Salchichon Salami – Handmade with selected halal beef that’s cured with fresh air coming down from the Spanish mountains of Leon for six whole weeks. Again 93% meat content.
Ojos Omeya cured meat Halal spain

Halal Beef Spicy Chorizo – Known for its deep smoky-cum-spicy flavour, it contains a remarkable 93% meat content!

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(Sponsored by The Ojos Foods)

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