Papa Frites Halal Burgers Restaurant Leicester

Hajat’s Reviews hits new & improved Papa Frites in Leicester

By Hajat’s Reviews


Papa Frites Halal Burgers Restaurant Leicester

Credit: Hajat’s Review

Few days ago I revisited Papa Frites, which had been going through renovation for some time making myself and others wonder what’s going on.

Papa Frites Halal Burgers Restaurant Leicester

Credit: Hajat’s Review

Well folks, let me fill you in: Papa Frites has not only renovated, but has a brand new menu, and has been taken over by new management. Previously having been just a small shop with two outside seats, now it has a capacity of 11.


Out goes fries with sauces and frozen food items, and in comes fresh produce with no frozen items on site. So a massive change indeed. Having a good glance at their menu, they have definitely put themselves on the map.

Papa Frites now serve Smash Angus Beef burgers made fresh daily, alongside a selection of Loaded Angus Beef Fries, Milkshakes, and something that I’ve not tried before: Smash Chicken Burger, which I will try another day.

Papa Frites Halal Burgers Restaurant Leicester

Original Angus Burger (credit: Hajat’s Review)

The Original Angus Burger (4oz) tasted great and I’m a fan of smash burgers. Tomatoes don’t always go well with burgers, but nevertheless this I really enjoyed eating. The seasoning on the juicy patties was spot on and the texture on poin.

The loaded fries tasted delicious. You can just tell the huge difference between the Lamb Doner and Special Doner, and the Angus Beef Doner. The latter is meaty and totally knocks the standard doner out of the park.

Papa Frites Halal Burgers Restaurant Leicester

Angus Doner Loaded Fries (credit: Hajat’s Review)

Being on a bed of fries – which are by the way skin on fries and double fried – makes the whole experience of eating it a great one. Not forgetting the jalapenos garnished on top, which gave a nice kick of heat folks.

Please let a staff member know of any allergies you may have prior to ordering. Papa Frites accept both cash and card, with USB wall sockets.

Papa Frittes
82 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 1DJ.

T: +44 (0)116 247 1918 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 11:30-22:00 | Fri 11:30-01:00 | Sat 12:00-01:00 | Sun 12:00-22:00

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