Shiraz Restaurant Afghanistan Halal London Hayes

Shiraz Restaurant in London Hayes ‘a must’, says Rehan


By Rehan Siddiqui

Shiraz Restaurant Afghanistan Halal London Hayes

Private curtained sections with rugs and cushions

If any of you love meat and grills, then a visit to Shiraz Restaurant in Hayes is a must! Having seen it driving past regularly over the last year, we decided on a spontaneous 21:30 visit on a Saturday.

The building used to be a pub until it was bought and converted to this Halal Afghani restaurant. They don’t take bookings as customers can let them down and then of course they lose revenue.

The restaurant has separate areas for ladies (should they require this facility), and they have curtained sections were you can sit on rugs and cushions on the floor to eat in an authentic manner.

Shiraz Restaurant Afghanistan Halal London Hayes

Plenty of barbecue and smoke

The place was absolutely packed; but even so our party of seven was perfectly seated opposite the grill where the staff could see us.

In terms of service and looks, the bottom line is that it was packed – those of you looking for speed, efficiency and attentive service will not get it, and I forgive them for this.

There were at least 200 covers there at the time and the staff were running around trying to please everyone. I was able to hold my own (you all know me) – I was assertive and we were able to get what we needed.

Shiraz Restaurant Afghanistan Halal London Hayes

Behold! The Shiraz Mega Grill…

We ordered two Shiraz Mega Grills – consisting of lamb and chicken tikka, lamb kofta, chicken wings, rice and massive Afghan naan. They have a fresh orange juice machine and for starters we had an amazing paneer chilli and humus.

I need to highlight the meat. It was extraordinarily fresh and only when I talked to the staff did I found out thatthey have their own butcher in the basement! Of course Halal and even HMC-certified. But the fact is that having their own butcher explained the quality of the meat.

All in all, an extraordinary meal in what feels like the middle of Kabul market. A visit is a must. I’d like to thank the owner Khalid Naseri and his team who served us: Shamo, Fardeen and Zubair. £143 for seven people and we took away just less than half of what we ordered – just imagine!

Shiraz Restaurant
830 Uxbridge Rd, Hayes, London UB4 0RR.

T: +44 (0)20 8569 0777 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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