Eggslut Halal Restaurant Portobello Market London

Eggslut & the Halal hullabaloo of Portobello Market

By Aku Fu

Eggslut Halal Restaurant Portobello London

Eggslut’s Slut and Fairfax sandwich

Needed to take the family out for brunch, and so decided to go to Eggslut in London’s Notting Hill, which is smack bang in the middle of Portobello Market.

We went on a Saturday which meant free parking after 1.30pm on all side roads. We then walked to Eggslut after doing a small round of the Notting Hill end of the market.

Eggslut has Halal beef bacon and turkey sausage, also Halal wagyu strips. We tried the Slut and Fairfax sandwich. Do recommend this place.

Eggslut Halal Portobello Market London

Plenty of Halal options at Portobello Market

After that, we went for a stroll in the market, which was very busy – full of tourists and locals visiting a large variety of stalls and shops ranging from antiques to clothes and food, ofcourse.

With a good amount of Halal options, this would be a market I would recommend over some others in London.

Walking further down, we found a large dedicated street food area, which I did not know existed. They had an impressive variety of different stalls covering most culinary disciplines.

Eggslut Halal Portobello Market London

Some were ordinary noodles and fried food, and some tried doing something unique, like cooking pasta in a giant cheesebowl!

Thinking about it, while I was definitely more impressed with Portobello than Borough Market, which has poor food options, I would also consider this just as good as Camden Market, which seems a bit more organised.

Eggslut Halal Portobello Market London

Halal Bao Buns offer a number of interesting options

With perhaps more variety, Portobello certainly has a good amount of Halal signs and options. Had we been more hungry, we would have tried a little of a lot of them. Thinking back, I should have asked for samples.

In any case, there was an Afghan place which seemed good; an Italian that we nearly tried; fresh sugar cane juice; a refreshing mocktail pina colada stall, which cut out a fresh pineapple and blended it to make a smoothie (was missing cream).

Eggslut Halal Portobello Market London

Overall, this is a market worth visiting, not only for the normal stalls and shops around it, but also the many food options up and down the road, as well as in the dedicated food area.

Although it is a bit dirty, I’d maybe call that rustic. Cannot wait to go there again, but when properly hungry. If Feed the Lion has not been already, I have a feeling there will be a full review coming soon!

Eggslut Halal Portobello Market London

Halal Belgian street food (in spite of the depiction)

Portobello Market
Portobello Rd, London W10 5TY.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-19:00

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