This is the chicken specialist's third restaurant with branches in Baker Street and Soho.

This is the American diner franchise's 9th restaurant overall and 6th in London.

It may say Uyghur, but they "serve a bit of everything", says Aku Fu.

That's 25% off their entire menu for orders over £20 at their second location.

Currently offering 15% off collections and 10% off eating in until the end of November.

A well established brand that offers speedily served, fresh pan-Asian food at fantastic prices.

British Kebab Awards 'Best Value' restaurant where the prices reflect the quality of the kebabs.

A "fine eating restaurant" that offers "contemporary culinary delights" with a 30% discount offer for July.

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across North London. (Sponsored)

An all-in-one fishmonger and restaurant that serves the freshest seafood dishes.