Ugly Chicken Halal Delivery Burgers Arrdee Rapper London

Rapper ArrDee’s new delivery-only Ugly Chicken ‘Halal’


Ugly Chicken Halal Delivery Burgers Arrdee Rapper London

Credit: Ugly Chicken

Ugly Chicken isn’t just about food; it’s about bringing people together through a shared love for flavour, spice, and style – Rapper ArrDee

A new delivery-only concept, which is collaborating with UK rapper ArrDee, has told FtLion that “all products are Halal”.

New spicy fried chicken brand Ugly Chicken has launched on Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEats from four locations across Brighton, where the rapper was born, London and Birmingham.

With further sites planned for 2024, the menu is targeting Generation Z, 50% of whom order food on delivery services at least once per week, Taster, which has developed the concept, reportedly said.

With a single burger (The Ugly Burger), tenders, and wings, but two meals deals, which come with Ugly Chicken’s 24 carat gold ranch sauce, as well as a selection of sides, including churros as a dessert, the menu is, as expected for a delivery company, limited.

The business hits two locations in London: Islington and Queens Park, and is expected to arrive in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol over the coming months.

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