Its Executive Chef Dayashankar Sharma was also behind Grand Trunk Road.

Exciting cuisines ranging from Indonesian and Sri Lankan to Japanese and Seychellois.

Located in the converted arches next door to the underground station.

This is the second Halal McDonald's to open in London this year!

That's Aroma Buffet, Chaudhry's, Khans, Nabrasa and Royal Nawaab.

With 60 across the Middle East and N. America, they're now in London's Kensington, Paddington & Brixton!

Soft opening this Wednesday on 75 Streatham Hill with a 25% discount on all burgers.

Shrimoyee Chakraborty opens her second Calcutta-inspired Bengali restaurant.

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across South London. (Sponsored)