Nominees: Banana Tree, Cafe Bimbimbap, Flesh & Buns, Lebanese Bakery, London Pizza Depot.

Archie's x2, Banana Tree, Dishoom, Patty & Bun, and Kaspa's Desserts.

While the menu if fully Halal, they do, however, have a shisha lounge.

Created by a chef who's worked under three Michelin French chef Yannick Alléno!

Hands down the best Uyghur restaurant we've encountered in London!

Nominees: Etles, Flesh & Buns, Lebanese Bakery, Maison Bab, Ramo Ramen.

This sister restaurant is located literally around the corner too.

This is the franchise's 22nd branch by our count, with more scheduled to open soon.

This is the award-winning butchers 16th store in all and first in Crawley.

'Bunsen' Burhan intends to open the UK's first Bangladeshi Michelin star restaurant.