Halal Fresh Recipe Box Mail Order

UK’s first non-subscription ‘Halal Fresh’ recipe box

Halal Fresh has 4 unique selling points. It saves you: 1) time, 2) shopping, 3) food wastage; 4) and thinking about what to eat every evening!

In a fast-paced world, how many of us return home after a long, tiring day at work, and wish we had the time to cook up a fresh, healthy meal, rather than resort to another takeaway, or eat the same food?

Well, there is a solution that’s steadily grown in popularity over the past few years in the form of what are known as the Meal Kit delivery services.

Halal Fresh Recipe Box Mail Order

Founder of Halal Fresh, Saima Duhare

The only drawback with these is that while an overwhelming number of them require paid subscription, often long term, most are non-Halal.

This is where Halal Fresh, “the UK’s first non-subscription halal recipe box”, steps in, by developing eight weekly recipes inspired by world cuisine.

With pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door, this newly launched business provides quick and easy-to-follow recipes that are healthy and wholesome, but most importantly, fully Halal.

Conceived and created by founder, Saima Duhare, Halal Fresh not only promises to make cooking time an “enjoyable experience” with family and friends, but also endeavours to “inspire you to eat healthily”.

What sets this company apart from many others, however, is the sheer dedication and hard work put in by Saima and her Head Chef, Carole Hector – a food stylist who studied the Three Term Diploma in Food and Wine at Leiths in 2017 before graduating with a distinction.

Carole closely liaises with Saima – who herself loves eating good food and experimenting at home – to create such varied recipes designed to inspire your taste buds.

Given how well-balanced the boxes are, packed with fresh produce of fish, meat and vegetables, it’s obvious that a lot of thought and care goes into each one.

Fresh Halal’s core values

Halal Fresh also goes the extra mile in fulfilling their company’s byline “Dinner is sorted” by sourcing ingredients ethically and responsibly.

In this case, “all of our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical code and are HMC certified”.

Driven by Halal Fresh’s core values of “integrity and honesty”, Saima places strong emphasis on being entirely transparent by sharing “who our suppliers are so our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they are eating responsibly”.

More impressively, she has one eye on the environment too, with packaging being made from natural materials, and customers encouraged to return any unused insulation and ice-packs back for recycling. With Halal Fresh, “Dinner is sorted”!

Putting in your order...

Halal Fresh Recipe Box Mail OrderThe whole process couldn’t be easier, with orders being arranged via the website www.halalfresh.co.uk:

  • Choose from one of two boxes: Traditional or Vegetarian.
  • Decide on the number of people you’ll be cooking for, 2 or 4, before choosing between 3-5 recipes from the eight available during that week.
    HINT: the more recipes ordered, the cheaper the ‘price per meal’ – the lowest being £3.56 per meal for a maximum of 16 meals on the Vegetarian box, which comes in at £57.00. Or £4.87 per meal, again a maximum of 16 meals, on the Traditional box, with a total of just £78.
  • Confirm your selection, add to your basket, apply any coupon code available, punch in your required details, and hit that payment button.
  • DELIVERY: The delivery cut-off time is Thursday 8am every week, with orders delivered on Sunday between 8am-6pm (free delivery on ALL boxes).

Halal Fresh
133-143 Olive Rd, Flat 8D Parkview, London NW2 6XB.

S: IG, FB, Twitter | W: www.halalfresh.co.uk | E: [email protected]

Delivery: Every Sun 8:00-18:00 (order cut-off time Thurs 8am)

Sponsored by: Halal Fresh.

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