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Halal at KERB West India Quay which goes 5 days a week

That’s right, KERB West India Quay in East London has gone 5 days a week which means more traders, more food and more choices.

KERB is a well established street food market operator with various locations across London that provides vendors a permanent spot to ply their trade.

Although the West India Quay spot in Limehouse is open 11.30am to 2pm from Tuesday-Friday, its weekly schedule has changed.

While budding news vendors going through the trial period KERB calls the “inKERBator programme” are working on Mondays now, Tuesday will see those who have actually “graduated” from said programme, with the seasoned lot operating Wednesdays-Fridays.

And to make things easy for you, we’ve collated a staggering 18 vendors that have informed us that they cater for Halal.


Smoke & Bones Halal Street Food Kerb London

You’ll know Smoke & Bones from our exclusive coverage of them from before. Just check out our Product editorial: UK’s first all-Halal American BBQ street food.


Credit: Curry on NaanStop

All our food is Halal. We don’t use non-Halal meat at all.

If you’re feeling like eating some authentic Indian food, think Curry On Naanstop. Run by a husband and wife team who “wanted to introduce real street flavours from Mumbai and South India to the streets of the UK”, watch out for their signature dishes: the Vada Pav, aka the Mumbai Burger, and the Hyderabadi chicken biryani (notoriously difficult to get right).

Kolkati Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kolkati

Our food is all Halal.

Bringing hot kati rolls – flaky paratha flatbread cooked in ghee – from the streets of Kolkata, India to London, is Kolkati, who currently operate on Thursdays at West India Quay.

Habesha Kitchen Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kerb

All our food is Halal and gluten free.

A fully Halal Ethopian-inspired food vendor is a rarity at the best of times. Habesha serves rice bowls or Injera (Ethiopian bread) with a choice of salad. So bowls like chicken & mushroom rice, as well as stews like the Ethiopian nation spicy Wat, or Yekik Alicha tumeric yellow split peas.

2 Lads Kitchen Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: 2 Lads Kitchen

All our food is Halal. Whether it’s market, private events of festival we always serve Halal food.

2 Lads Kitchen brings “Afghan authentic street food from the streets of Afghanistan to the streets of London”. There’s dishes like lamb mantu, steamed Afghan dumplings filled with minced lamb, and an assortment of wraps.

Cally Munchy Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Cally Munchy

All our meats are Halal.

Cally Munchy is an Afro and Caribbean fusion fast food stall that dishes up Cally Munchy Pots. So there’s the popular African rice dish fused with Caribbean red kidney beans called jollof ‘n’ peas. All dishes are served with their signature Shi-tuan chilli sauce.


Credit: Kerb

Yes, all 100% Halal!

“Authentic home recipes” from the Pakistani parents of the owners of this vendor is what defines Baba Dhaba’s food. There’s kebab burgers, lamb seekh kebab or chicken thighs, and even biryani boxes among other things.

Baba Dhaba Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Yaay Yaay

Both beef and chicken are Halal. We don’t do pork or non-Halal food.

Yaay Yaay, where ‘yaay’ means grandmother in Thai, do Thai food, including what’s known as Ka Prow Chicken, which is stir-fried chicken; a chicken thigh in red curry they call Pa Nang Chicken, and more. What’s more, all their dishes are served with riceberry rice and fried egg.

Makatcha Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kerb

All our food is halal in all our outlets.

Makatcha brings the “gorgeous taste of Rendang to the streets” having been voted 30th in the top 50 best street food in London by Time Out London 2015. They do top-side Beef Rendang, pulled Chicken Rendang, and a veggie version.

Only Jerkin' Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Only Jerkin’

All of our meat is halal.

Only Jerkin’ is a street food vendor that’s “putting a fresh twist on dishes with traditional jerk flavours”, including Jerk Chicken Nuggets in a Ginger Beer Batter, Jerk sweet potato fries, and a selection of homemade dips.

Kalimera Greek Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kalimera

All of our meat is Halal in all our locations.

Kalimera says it’s “a fresh and exciting natural Greek fast-dining concept”. In their case, they do healthy wholemeal pitta wraps with a variety of fillings such as chicken, lamb or halloumi souvlaki, and kalimera boxes.

Kottu Lanka Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kottu Lanka

All of our meat is Halal. We have a notice on our menu at the stall.

Kottu Roti offers “an authentic Sri Lankan street food dish which is a mixture of fresh veg fried in coconut oil, eggs, shredded roti and finally a curry”. Sounds like an interesting one!

Da Ja Chicken Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credir: Da Ja Chicken

At the moment we only do fried chicken which is Halal.

Free-range fried chicken is being served by Da Ja Chicken and “inspired by the best of street food from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan & Malaysia”.

Off-beat BBQ Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Off-Beat BBQ

We do Halal brisket which would be done separately from non-Halal meats.

Off-Beat BBQ say their naan breads stuffed with an assortment of meats, though only the beef brisket is Halal and that too oak smoked, are their “own recipe cooked to order”.

Mexikings Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Mexikings

We do halal chicken, which is stored, prepared and cooked separately to our other meat.

“Discover ancient Aztec culture” through Mexikings’ grab-and-go rice bowls. While only their chicken is Halal, this will be cooked using methods commonly used by the Aztecs in central Mexico.


Credit: Lagniappe

Our chicken is Halal; and yes it’s prepared and cooked separately. The only other meat is beef so we certainly wouldn’t cross contaminate the two!

“Traditional Trinidadian dhal puri roti wraps” are served by Lagniappe, who are sourcing Halal chicken, and which can currently be had on Tuesdays at West India Quay.

Elote Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Elote

Yes, our chicken is Halal and is cooked separately.

Eloté is a new pop-up that brings “the flair and flavours of southern eastern Mexico”. Their signature eloté de callejeros combines juicy chargrilled corn with creamy chipotle and queso fresco cheese. However, they only offer Halal chicken.

Greed Khao Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Greedy Khao

We don’t use any alcohol in our recipes.

Authentic Thai flavoures have been veganised at Greedy Khao meaning that you don’t have to worry about things being Halal, especially since they’ve confirmed with us that they “don’t use any alcohol in our recipes”.


Credit: Turo Turo

We can cater for Halal yes, we can source our halal chicken from a supplier at request. We do have a pork item on the menu, but this is never cross contaminated with the chicken. The pork is cooked separately in a pan where as the chicken is cooked on a grill. There is no contact so you can be assured that there is no cross contamination in our methods of work.

While TURO TURO doesn’t offer Halal food by default, the Filipino trader has informed FtLion that they can source Halal chicken at request to offer their Chicken inasal, which is Filipino BBQ chicken with butter vinegar lemongrass glaze.

KERB – West India Quay
Market Place, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1JT.


Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11:30-14:00

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