Plastic Free Ramadan Environment Recycling

‘Plastic-free Ramadan’ project to be rolled out across UK

Plastic Free Ramadan Environment Recycling

Naseem Talukdar of Projects Against Plastic (PAP).

A project to reduce single-use plastic at community events during Ramadan is set to save up to seven tonnes of waste, according to its organisers.

Projects Against Plastic (PAP) has worked with representatives from mosques in Bristol to find sustainable ways to serve food and drink while breaking fast.

Charity founder Naseem Talukdar, from Fishponds, said: “Protecting the environment is an important aspect of Islam. I believe we all have a responsibility to look after our planet as best we can.

“With clear messaging, better awareness and some simple actions, we are able to tackle plastic pollution as a community.”

‘Plastic Free Ramadan’ project helps reduce waste by 70 per cent

While mosques can typically use up to 3,000 water bottles and 2,000 plastic plates and cutlery sets, a 2019 pilot project saw the installation of a water fountain and a dishwasher help reduce waste by 70 per cent.

With seven mosques across the city taking part, visitors were also encouraged to bring their own bottles which led to single-use plastic being reduced by 75 per cent.

The project, which has been dubbed ‘Plastic Free Ramadan’, is now set to be rolled out across the UK, with Naseem stating: “We have marked Ramadan in a more sustainable way.”

Bristol mayor Marvin Rees said: “If Bristol is to be a truly sustainable city, we must reduce the amount of plastic we use. Projects like this will make a valuable contribution to our goals.”

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