Iftar1000 One Nation Ramadan Iftar Charity

Restaurants called on to support One Nation’s Iftar1000 campaign

Iftar1000 One Nation Ramadan Iftar Charity

Credit: Iftar1000

Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting, they will have a reward like it without it being decreased in the slightest bit – Prophet Muhammad (Tirmidhi)

Restaurants across the UK are being encouraged to support charity organisation One Nation’s global campaign of feeding the poor this Ramadan.

A number of restaurants across London are already taking part in the Iftar1000 initiative which is providing food and water for breaking the fast in over 30 countries.

A representative of One Nation told FtLion: “Alhamdulillah, it is £1 for an iftar meal which includes rice and meat or rice and vegetables. We are working in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and in South America to provide iftar meals.”

While the project is Zakat applicable, Iftar1000 has already raised almost £85k of the £100k target that’s been set on Givebrite.

Oodles Chinese branches in Ilford and Upton Park, Smoke & Pepper in Lower Clapton, and burger brand Smash in Green Street (who has already donated £3.4k) are currently supporting the cause with an iftar meal provided for every order during Ramadan.

“With thousands of people in need right now, you have the opportunity to earn so many more rewards,” One Nation said, adding: “Through our Iftar1000 campaign, you can help to provide 1,000 Iftar this Ramadan and Inshallah earn the reward of 1,000 fasts.”

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