This is located in a superb Grade 2 Listed building from the Art Deco era!

The successful trend of new openings from last year is set to continue in 2020.

They were voted Best Independent Coffee Shop at the Midlands Food Drink Hospitality Awards 2019.

Hand-pressed gourmet burgers and pizzas cooked at 900 degrees and in under 180 secs!

With 33 food vendors, 10 of them HMC-certified, over 4,500 attendeed this first event.

With over 40 vendors, some HMC certified, this will be offering "the biggest variety of Halal food".

The menu is an extensive one that's been inspired by Pakistan's street food scene.

No doubt a simple menu, but one that offered a delicious kebab roll and some fierce karak chai.

A cafe with a bakery making this unlike any cafe you're likely to encounter elsewhere.

How cool is that? There's plenty of breakfast options including Desi and Turkish, and more.