Authentic tagines and a starter that could be in the running for our end of year awards. Need we say more?

Although more a takeaway, this eatery also has seating for around 30.

Upmarket Nigerian restaurant with intriguing Halal dishes including goat's head (yup!).

A number of delightful dishes prove that this recently opened restaurant has huge potential.

Not your average burger joint. Tex Ann have gone the extra mile to stand out from the crowd.

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across North London. (Sponsored)

This "Gourmet Burger" place offers handcrafted made-to-order patties, not batch-ordered, premade ones.

BAM! With a dope 70s theme & dynomite burgers, this place is smooth & gravy!

It's all about the family booths at Aziziye with food that's pretty decent.

Kebabish K.O. doesn't quite deliver the knockout blow it brandishes.