With 27 London restaurants, and four catering for Halal chicken, we were expecting far better.

A step-by-step recipe to everyone's favourite by the ever-popular curry queen.

An award-winning restaurant at the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort in Roches Noires.

Sabuhi Usmani succeeds in finding a fully Halal Chinese restaurant.

Located directly opposite West Ealing Station, this Japanese eatery offers Halal chicken ramen.

Grand opening at 4pm with free candy floss hot chocolate or latte for customers.

Located in Fox and Goose, Hodge Hill, and specialising in "the art of hand made Swiss ice cream".

Fatma al-Baiti is a foodie and blogger on a mission to introduce Yemeni cuisine.

#FtLionAwards annually recognises the UK's very best Halal dishes and outstanding restaurants.