Deshi Wala Halal Restaurant Bangladeshi Green Street London

Deshi Wala brings Bengali street food to London’s Green Street


Deshi Wala Halal Restaurant Bangladeshi Green Street London

Credit: Deshi Wala

A Bangladeshi street food cafe and biryani house has opened down east London’s busy stretch of Green Street.

Located in the indoor market of Damini Bazaar, Deshi Wala is a charming little restaurant with limited indoor seating whose entrance is accessible via Woodstock Road.

Their menu of authentic Bengali dishes includes Deshi Nasta, or breakfasts, that include a couple of stuffed spicy parathas and bagels, as well as a selection of starters such as Piaji, which are bengali onion fritters, and some kebabs.

Their Deshi Walal Street Food section offers Chotpoti, which consists of potatoes, chickpeas, and onions; Fuska, which are the well-known pani puris; and an elevated Bombay-mix called Sanasur Satni.

There’s also a trio of both Biryanis and Extras, alongside a surprising Deshi Afternoon Tea that serves two people and has things like Piaji, Fuska, Mini Kebabs, Jalebi, and Cup Cakes.

Deshi Wala
249-251 Green Street, Newham, London, E13 9AB.

W: @deshiwalalondon

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00-22:00

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