Fireaway Halal Pizza Restaurant Walsall

100 free pizzas at Fireaway 100th opening in Walsall tomorrow

HALAL STATUS Fully Halal food menu • Alcohol may be served (please verify with branch)

Fireaway Halal Pizza Restaurant Walsall

Founder Mario Aleppo (right; credit: Fireaway)

“The UK’s fastest growing pizza takeaway chain” Fireaway is getting ready to open its landmark 100th restaurant tomorrow in Walsall.

Located on Lower Hall Lane, the award-winning brand will be celebrating its grand opening by giving away its first 100 pizzas for free.

While all pizzas thereafter will be £5 for the rest of the day, Fireaway offers a fully Halal food menu, although FtLion has learned that some branches might serve alcohol.

Having won last year’s ‘Rising Star Pizza Chain of the Year’ at the PAPA Awards, the company has enjoyed spectacular growth since launching in London in 2016.

Founder Mario Aleppo set out to create an unrivalled pizza experience by going to Italy and meeting farmers who now send him their choicest peeled tomatoes directly from Naples.

Baked for no more than three minutes in 400 degrees oven, Fireaway’s pizzas are cooked on a daily basis to ensure freshness.

With a choice of four bases, four cheeses, four meats and 20 toppings, all available for the same price, among their pizzas, there’s the unique Nutella Pizza.

3 Lower Hall Ln, Walsall WS1 1RH.

T: +44 (0)1278 767786 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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