Venn Street Market Halal Street Food London Clapham Town

Halal at award-winning Venn Street Market in London Clapham

Venn Street Market Halal Street Food London Clapham Town

An award-winning market which offers an exciting variety of Halal & Halal-friendly options…

With a strong ethos of ensuring high quality and fair prices, the market guarantees all goods are locally sourced and seasonal.

Venn Street Market is an award-winning community in south London that’s renowned for providing a platform for specialist traders, farmers and small independent producers to meet face to face with customers each week.

Consecutive winners of Time Out London’s ‘Love London Awards’ 2015 and 2016, as well as the ‘Incredible Edible Lambeth’s Blooming Awards in 2018, the immensely popular stretch in Clapham has a vibrant street food culture too.

Following their decision to gentrify the corner of SW4 by pedestrianising it back in 2012, the weekly market has been going strong ever since every Saturday from 10am to 4pm, with Clapham Common being its nearest tube station (Northern Line).

In fact, we’ve unearthed the following handful of Halal-friendly street food stalls who offer a variety of exciting cuisines, ranging from Indonesian and Sri Lankan to Japanese and Seychellois, that are definitely worth visiting.

Makatcha Kerb West India Quay Street Food London

Credit: Kerb

All our food is Halal in all our outlets.

Makatcha, who also operate in Kerb West India Quay, operate on the 1st and 5th Saturday of each month, and bring the “gorgeous taste of Rendang to the streets”.

Having been voted 30th in the top 50 best street food in London by Time Out London 2015, they do top-side Beef Rendang, pulled Chicken Rendang, and a veggie version.

Hop Roll Sri Lankan Halal Street Food Market

Credit: Hop Roll

Only the mutton curry and all the vegetarian curries and the hopper are Halal; but chicken is not Halal. We don’t use any alcohol in our recipes.

Hop Roll operate on the 3rd Saturday of every month. They focus on presenting one of the hardest, but most iconic Sri Lankan dishes – the hopper.

In addition to these authentic wraps, there’s also family recipes used to create a hoppers street food vibe that includes short eats and spicy sambals and curries.

Vinn Goute Seychelles Halal Street Food

Credit: Kerb

All of our food is alcohol-free and meats are Halal. We operate every 2nd and 4th Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Vinn Goute is an authentic Seychelles cuisine served by Seychellas that includes ‘Tropikal’ chicken and exotic fish in warm tortillas with salad and chilli mayo.

Not only are they entirely Halal, but also dairy, soy, and nut free. Watch out for the Octopus Curry and their Goat Curry.

Let's Do Temaki Halal Street Food Market London

Credit: Let’s Do Temaki

We don’t use alcohol in any of our dishes.

For those looking for “fresh, healthy, nutritious, tasty and free from preservatives, additives and refined ingredients”, Let’s Do Temaki offer Japanese vegan Makis and Katsu Rice Bowls (curry).

Venn Street Market
Venn Street, Clapham Town, London SW4 0AT.

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Opening Hours: Sat 10:00-16:00

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