McD inspired HMC Mega Burger Whitechapel launch today

McD inspired HMC Mega Burger official launch tomorrow


Mega Burger will become the first HMC certified fast food brand in east London’s Whitechapel area to offer McDonald’s inspired Halal burgers when it launches tomorrow.

Mega Burger HMC Halal Restaurant McDonald's Burger King Walthamstow London

McD’s & Burger King inspired HMC certified burgers!

The exciting new restaurant is looking to raise the game by also serving Burger King inspired sandwiches when it opens on Commercial Road at noon.

Its aim is to provide quality high street burgers at affordable prices with items ranging from £1 cheeseburgers to £7 flame grilled burgers.

To maintain quality and consistency, the restaurant has hired the skills of Muslim staff, who have worked at both McDonald’s and Burger King, to prep and cook their menu.

The restaurant will also place huge emphasis on hygiene during the entire cooking process with “oil being changed regularly to ensure not a single dirty chip is served”.

With a number of mosques in the vicinity, including East London Mosque, Mega Burger has sourced HMC certified, UK Irish beef to make their food accessible to all.

HMC certified ‘Iconic Burgers’ on Commercial Road…

Mega Burger HMC Halal Restaurant McDonald's Burger King Walthamstow London

Iconic to its core – Mega Burger’s classic cheeseburger…

Going by the motto “Iconic Burgers”, the menu is split up into three burger sections: Grilled, Flame Grilled, and Deep Fried, which encompasses the complete range of all the classic McD and Burger King inspired Halal burgers.

Mega Burger HMC Halal Restaurant McDonald's Burger King Walthamstow London

Guess which Burger King and McD’s burgers inspired these?

As such, you have the Mega Mac from the Grilled section, which of course is the equivalent of the iconic Big Mac; and the Double Grilled Whoppa from the Flame Grilled section is your Burger King’s Double Whopper.

Back of house too is a well-oiled machine with Mega Burger running a tight ship to make sure all orders are delivered on time and with maximal freshness.

What’s more, plans are already in place of serving sourcing steamed buns for their version of the classic Fillet-O-Fish, as well as the introduction of a breakfast section that’ll include something similar to the McMuffin.

Mega Burger say they are also “taking every step to help protect the health and safety of our guests and team members” and are offering 25% discount to all NHS staff.

Mega Burger
150 Commercial Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 1NL.

E: +44 (0)20 8062 3997 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-22:00 | Sun 12:00-21:30

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