Muslim Hands charity Hounslow The Open Kitchen

Muslim Hands Covid-19 appeal for community kitchen

Muslim Hands charity Hounslow The Open Kitchen

Credit: Muslim Hands

With their public kitchen now forced to deliver free hot meals to the vulnerable since the outbreak, charity Muslim Hands has launched a ‘Coronavirus Appeal Fund’.

The Open Kitchen in west London is requiring donations to continue running its home delivery and takeaway service to the elderly and low-income families in Hounslow.

But to help it reach a larger demographic, the charity is encouraging the donation of £35 to provide 10 hot meals for the needy; £70 to provide 20 meals; £140 for 40 meals; and £350 for 100 meals.

“Due to the Coronavirus crisis, we are now delivering struggling families their food rather than serving it in a public kitchen. We are also aiming to increase the number of vulnerable people we are reaching with this essential service,” Muslim Hands says on its website.

“With 1 in 5 people now struggling to put food on the table”, the community kitchen says that these “donations will ensure those most in need have enough to eat during this hardship”.

Since launching in 2018, The Open Kitchen has been “serving 100 hot, nutritious meals twice a day, seven days a week”.

Citing Prophet Muhammad as stating that “he is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbour to his side goes hungry”, Muslim Hands adds: “During this Coronavirus crisis, let us not forget to give a helping hand to those who are most vulnerable in our communities.”

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