Previously located on Burley Road, the Pakistani restaurant moves around the corner to Kirkstall Road.

Situated down Piazza Walk, this cafe is offering a fusion of Middle Eastern and European cuisine.

This branch in Gerrards Cross is the Halal meat supplier's 10th with two others on the way.

Expect Greek and Lebanese classics that include traditional mezzes and grilled meats, as well as vegan dishes.

This 200-seater eatery offers a fully Halal menu of 106 items at very reasonable prices.

'Authentic taste of the very best of Jamaica', and offering Halal chicken and lamb.

Walsall's first Halal noodle house brings its famous noodle boxes to 289 High Street.

While not currently offering Halal, there's plenty of small plates of sustainable seafood with veg options.

A smartly decorated eatery that offers many of the traditional dishes unique of that region.

69 new openings, with 53 in London alone and 13 burger joints, defined 2017's Halal restaurant scene.