While not currently offering Halal, there's plenty of small plates of sustainable seafood with veg options.

A smartly decorated eatery that offers many of the traditional dishes unique of that region.

69 new openings, with 53 in London alone and 13 burger joints, defined 2017's Halal restaurant scene.

With an extended 20% discount until April 2018 and a concise menu with all your favourites.

Having partnered with Henley Ice Cream, this 100+ seater dessert parlour is out to impress.

DIY all-aged steaks on 400-degree hot stones has been introduced to South Croydon.

Offering Turkish-inspired breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am-10:30pm.

Combining the world of fish and chips with "Gourmet Grill" in Milton Keynes.

Asian fusion grillhouse that's HMC-certified and offering a 25% discount until 15th January.

With Halal beef, lamb and chicken, this group is 78th on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list.