Qurbani Lamb Hogget Sheep

Online Qurbani services for Eid al-Adha

Qurbani Lamb Hogget Sheep

Now’s the time to put in your orders with Eid al-Adha scheduled for either 31st July or 1st August, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Similar to previous years, the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) has again warned this year that the “majority of the lambs will not meet the condition of being 12 months in age”.

Given that this is “one of the conditions of Qurbani, or the animal should be a minimum of 6-months6old and look like 12-months-old [sic]”, the slaughtering body added: “This complication is due to the lambing season being March/April in 2020 and most lambs will be barely 6-months-old.

“For this reason, HMC is strongly encouraging all consumers to order sheep/mutton for Qurbani. We have also advised shops and slaughterhouses to order sheep for Qurbani to ensure the Qurbani rules are followed.”


Halal Exotic MeatsHalal Exotic Meats may currently be out of Qurbani goat, but they do have other options available.

With all their lambs being HMC certified and slaughtered non-stun, they have plenty of free range, 12 month old Qurbani hogg lambs with their 22kg+ being £199 and their 18-20kg costing £189.99.

Otherwise, they have a couple of Angus cattle which, after being slaughtered on the second day of Eid, will be hung to mature for 8-14 days before equally cut into 7 parts.


Tariq Halal Qurbani Meat Sacrifice Eid 2018Tariq Halal, may be out of cow for the moment, but they have Qurbani lamb and sheep ready for order.

The award-winning company is offering both for £199, with lamb’s pluck, head and tripe included in the price (19kg – 24kg), and sheep’s head and tripe excluded (30kg – 35kg).

They also clarify: “If Eid is on Sunday we will dispatch your Qurbani on Monday for delivery Tuesday.”


Haji baba Qurbani Meat Sacrifice Eid 2018Halal meat suppliers Haji Baba have Qurbani lamb and sheep for £175 each, with their meat being HMC certified and slaughtered non stun.

You also have the choice of retaining the fat or discarding it, as well as choosing whether to have the meat whole or cut into specified pieces.

All orders will be available for collection, with orders placed online and ready to be picked up on Saturday 1st or Sunday 2nd August at your local ASDA counter.

To find out which stores, you can call the head office on 0203 5388088.


Muallaco.com Qurbani Meat Sacrifice Eid 2018Mullaco will have two muftis approving the slaughtering of their Qurbani sheeps and cows this year. As such, they have 30-35kg sheep available for £179.99 and young 21kg+ sheep for £169.99.

More importantly, they also have a limited supply of 20kg+ goat for £179.99 if you hurry.

While 40kg cows are available for £269.99, with the animal being slaughtered on the first day of Eid after Eid prayer.

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