If we were to recommend one thing, it would be their Chicken & Waffle burger.

This is the burger franchise's eighth branch as they continue their march.

Tiberius Tudor has setup in the Colour Factory's first food court in Queens Yard.

I am happy I can finally cook on 16 flames in the kitchen as opposed to four — the walk-in fridge in Covent Garden is the size of our entire Kingly Court kitchen. Asma Khan's critically

With amazing customer service, "Manjaros are known for their portion sizes".

Ensuring "a seamless takeaway experience in accordance with government guidelines".

This was as much a review of the Covid protocols in place, as the food itself.

Having been established since 1986, the restaurant also receives a complete refurb.

This will be the gourmet burger brand's 9th restaurant in London

The initiative is part of the #LoveChinatown campaign to help support businesses.