Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

Ambala in Slough offers more than your local Ambalas

By Shams Malik

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweetsAmbala needs no introductions I know, and though they’ve been around for longer than I have, I just had to send in this review to you guys, because… well, because they’re always overlooked, taken for granted, and not appreciated enough.

With that said, let me also emphasise that this is not an advert for Ambala or the Slough branch; I do not work for them and neither am I associated with them in anyway other than being a regular customer.

In fact, my friends and I generally come to this branch, which is just off the M4, after a cricket net session at the indoor school. Why? Because this place is more than just sweets!

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

Of course, we all love an Ambala sweet; that’s why we come here! And nothing beats them (Royals don’t even come close).

Usually we get ours from West London, but what makes Slough’s different is their selection. They have an assortment sweets and savory food too.

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

I knew they had samosa as that is something I’ve always got; but what makes Slough’s branch different is that they offer a larger selection of pastry dishes which I haven’t found with our west London branches.

But here’s the real surprise people – Ambala here do curries! This is the main reason for this review, which I just had to share with you.

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

Now, I always get the kebab, channa and biryani; and I can tell you that it’s lovely! The price is good too. And though it is all reheated in a microwave, it’s fast food after all, which we can enjoy anywhere, including at a cricket ground.

Trust me, chana patura is the right way to approach a 50-over game on a cold day!

Ambala Slough Asian Pakistani sweets

1 High St, Chalvey, Slough SL1 2RU.

T: +44 (0)1753 823 308 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9:30-20:00

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