Beyroots Lebanese Halal Street Food London

Beyroot street food provides free meals to St. George’s Hospital

Beyroots Lebanese Halal Street Food London

Credit: Beyroots

The owner of a street food van gave a little back to a London hospital very close to his heart by providing free meals to staff members last Friday.

Beyroots gave away 100 Lebanese meals to hungry staff at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, during their lunch time break.

The food vendor’s owner Tariq posted on Facebook: “Our charity session was a great success and it was amazing serving everyone at St. Georges Hospital – I even got the opportunity to serve the Doctor that saved my leg! What a guy!

“I have since been told that not only was I born at St. Georges but my mum and uncle both worked there when I was a kid! The connection runs deeper!”

Tariq further revealed: “It’s safe to say I owe a lot to this hospital. I was born here in 1990. My father was brought here when he had his fatal heart attack.

“They saved my left leg, which could have been amputated due to infection, and got me back to playing rugby after a serious motorcycle accident. They tried to keep my brother and business partner Jamie alive after his fatal motorcycle crash.”

Beyroots’ website has a heartwarming tribute dedicated to James Cox which reads: “On October 3rd 2019, we lost a part of us – Jamie was an integral part of our company and our lives. Loved by all and remembered by more. A best friend, a brother, a son and he could have been so much more. We miss you every day.”

While recognising St. George’s for “spearheading the COVID response over the last year”, Tariq also added: “You were all lovely and we will do our utmost to be back again soon.”

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