Chaiiwala Halal Indian Restaurant Wakefield Shephard's Bush London

Chaiiwala in London Shepherd’s Bush & ‘Express’ in Wakefield


Chaiiwala Halal Indian Restaurant Wakefield Shephard's Bush London

Credit: Chaiiwala

Chaiiwala has opened an express store in a West Yorkshire Esso petrol station before opening in London yesterday.

The UK’s leading Indian street food brand opened its second express store in Wakefield’s Snowfield Avenue – their 56th site in all.

Chaiiwala’s 57th is the traditional sit-in cafe launched in west London’s Shepherd’s Bush on Uxbridge Road.

Their Indian street menu comprises of brewed teas and coffees, as well as rotis, Bombay sandwiches, masala chips, and a hearty Indian breakfast with a “special” masala omelette.

As an international brand, Chaiiwala boasts cafes across the shore in Canada’s Ontario and Abbotsford, and are soon to debut in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2019, Chaiiwala was voted the Readers’ Choice: Best Beverage of the Year during the annual #FtLion awards.


Shepherd’s Bush (London)
132 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 8AA.

T: +44 (0)20 3089 4366

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-23:00

Wakefield (West Yorkshire)
Esso EG, Snowfield Avenue, Wakefield, WF1 2GS.

T: +44 (0)1924 965414

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00 | Sun 09:00-22:00

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