Zinda Foods Halal Supermarket Co-Op

Co-op lists Zinda Foods as 1st Halal food-to-go supplier

Zinda Foods Halal Supermarket Co-Op

Credit: Zinda Foods

Zinda Foods has secured a listing of three of its AirWrap products at 77 Co-op stores across the country.

The deal makes them the first Halal food-to-go to be listed at the supermarket brand with founder Anishya Kumar expressing: “We are so thrilled to launch into the Co-op stores.”

With the three lines being Chicken Makhni, Moroccan-style Chicken, and Bombay Potato, she added: “They share our belief that food-to-go should be fresh and nutritious while meeting the everyday needs of different cultures & religions.”

Zinda Foods’ wraps are known for being healthy while offering fresh fillings with a 21st century spin on age-old recipes.

Recognising the rapid growth in demand for Halal food, as well as a fully certified Halal accredited factory, Co-op said they are keen to fill a gap in the fixture.

The global Halal food market is anticipated to record a CAGR of around 10.9 per cent over the forecasted period (2019-2027), according to Market Watch.

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