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Honest Burgers confirm Halal chicken across all UK branches

Honest burgers halal chicken Ealing Broadway, Tooting, Baker Street

Honest Burgers in Ealing Broadway, London

One of the UK’s leading burger brands has confirmed that all of its branches are now catering for Halal chicken.

Honest Burgers made the announcement on social media yesterday that “all of our chicken is now Halal (and free-range, just like it’s always been)”.

A spokesperson for the brand told FtLion that procedures and practices were also in place regarding the issue of cross-contamination.

“Any fried chicken is cooked in its own basket (although this is the only meat we fry anyway); and for the grilled chicken, there is either a completely separate grill, or a grill divider to ensure cross-contamination is avoided.”

While only four branches of its 27 across London catered for Halal chicken back in 2019, Honest Burgers now boasts 46 restaurants and delivery kitchens, according to its website.

“As a business, we’ve always tried to cater to everyone and we’ve long wanted to serve halal options. But at Honest, free-range is a non-negotiable, and we’ve not been able to source free-range Halal chicken. Until now… We’re happy to say all of our chicken is as good as it’s ever been, now it’s just Halal too,” Honest Burgers added on social.

The company further clarified its policy on free-range chicken: “Animal welfare has always been a priority at Honest. From day one our chicken (and eggs) have always been free-range.

“Free-range means our birds are free to roam from sunrise to sunset, eating all sorts of natural goodness alongside the locally grown cereals they’re fed. The chickens have few stresses and are allowed to grow in their own time.”

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