Fireaway & Grill Pizza Tooting London Copy Fake

Fireaway to take legal action against ‘fake’ Fireaway & Grill

Fireaway & Grill Pizza Tooting London Copy Fake

Credit: Fireaway

A new pizza restaurant has earned the fire of one of the UK’s fastest growing restaurant brands for copying their name and product.

Fireaway has confirmed with FtLion that it will be taking legal action against Fireaway & Grill for using the “same name, similar logo, same product”.

In protest, the pizza brand posted a picture of the offending store front on its Instagram account along with a palm slap emoji, a large red cross, and the hashtag sticker “fake”.

“The fastest growing pizza company in the UK” rhetorically posed the question: “Who the hell are these guys?” along with hashtags “#fake #copy #fail”.

But Fireaway & Grill has accused “Fireaway pizza [of] just pushing us with any valid reason” while informing FtLion that they “are fully legally covered“.

Having said to have “registered our brand”, the grill place added: “We are going doin peri peri chicken and American style pizza not wood Owen pizza [sic].

Fireaway was quick to leave a scathing 1-star Google review too which read: “At least try and be a bit creative guys :( Did nobody ever teach you its bad to steal :)”

The brand fired a warning shot at the “pizza and peri peri grill” in south London vowing: “[G]ive it 6 weeks, it will be down”.

At least try and be a bit creative guys :( Did nobody ever teach you its bad to steal – Fireaway accuse Fireaway & Grill on Google Review

The soon-to-open grill place appears to be using the same font face for the word ‘Fireaway’ and a similarly designed logo of the brand’s iconic flame apparently with the main colours inverted.

Located on Tooting’s Mitcham Road, Fireaway & Grill has already established a website and setup a page on Just Eat with a menu that boasts 68 choices for pizzas.

Fireaway are known for “fresh aristan pizza cooked in 180 seconds” with a “secret recipe… introduced originally by founder Mario Aleppo’s grandmother from the Amalfi Coast of Italy in the 1950’s”.

Having launched their very first store in 2016, they not only celebrated the opening of its 50th store in January this year, but also launched a store on Tuesday in Bexleyheath.

A couple of Fireaway franchisees came out in support of their brand on Instagram with the Dartford branch revealing: “The real deal coming to Dartford next week.”

While Fireaway in Crawley stated: “people can’t help but copy the success of others though this weren’t the way [sic].”

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