sofamous Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

‘Food Around the UK’ blogger’ Top 5 Sheffield restaurants

By Food Around the UK (@c_halalfoodblog)

The Halal food scene in Sheffield isn’t the greatest, especially compared to places like Bradford, Leeds or Manchester. We are still very lucky to have some quality places nearby, which means not always having to travel out of town for some nice Halal food. I eat out a lot and have tried many places; it would be fair to call me a burger and cookie dough addict!

With that said, and in no particular order, here’s my top 5 places to eat in Sheffield (all amazing places which I visit regularly and all paid for).


sofamous Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

When So Famous was first announced, I was really excited! I love a good burger joint and there aren’t enough of them in Sheffield. Sadly, the opening of So Famous kept being postponed. Well, let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. The place looks amazing, they made it look so trendy and 100% Instagram worthy; there are loads of spots to get cool pictures with your friends and cool walls for selfies. The decoration isn’t the only reason to visit So Famous, the menu is mouth-watering.

My friends had the So Famous cheeseburger – one of them went for the single patty and the other went for the double. The beef burgers are smashed burgers and they tasted amazing! Me, on the other hand, decided to go for a chicken burger. I ordered the ‘Return of the Mac’ fried chicken burger – it had little deep-fried mac & cheese balls in it, as well as jalapeños (my fav!), nachos and loads of cheese. It definitely was the nicest chicken burger I have ever tried, and I am not saying this lightly. To go with the burgers, we ordered a serving of popcorn chicken and tater tots. The extras were nice but not necessary.

We all went for large soda meals, the total cost for 3 meals and the extras was £29.35. So Famous is now one of my favourite places and I will definitely be returning many times.

So Famous
264 Glossop Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2HS.

W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

HALAL STATUS Fully Halal food menu • Alcohol served

jimmy Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

Jimmy’s Kitchen is one of many Turkish food restaurants in Sheffield. I chose Jimmy’s Kitchen over the others simply for the atmosphere there. The place is little, so if you are planning to go, I would recommend booking in advance, especially if it’s a big group. The place being small is what, in my opinion, gives Jimmy’s kitchen its charm. When you walk in you are greeted by the very impressive fan over the grill that gives it an authentic feel. The people working there are always helpful, and the service is quick and friendly.

Now for the food – it is so hard to choose when you look at the menu because everything on it looks so delicious.

The last time I went, we ordered Ezme for the starter, which is mixed vegetables with chili, lemon and olive oil – it was absolutely delicious and came with traditional Turkish bread. For mains, we ordered the aubergine kebab and the Adana kebab, which were both were so nice and came with rice and salad. We also ordered a side of chips (why not!). The whole meal was delicious and reasonably priced; we paid £23.50 for the food.

Jimmy’s Kitchen
270 Glossop Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2HS.

T: +44 (0)114 272 1747 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00 | Sat 11:00-22:00 | Sun 11:00-22:00


unitc Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

In my opinion, Unit is a staple when it comes to halal restaurants in Sheffield. They have been around for a while now and I have friends who will drive over 20mins just to get a Unit burger. Whenever I go to Unit, I order the Nach-Yo burger which is a heaven of deep-fried chicken, nachos, jalapeños and cheese! It’s so tender and melts in your mouth. The normal fries are okay, nothing too special so I always order the curly fries. One of my friends is obsessed with their Dutch fries (mix of skin-on fries, sweet potato fries, curly fries and loads of cheese)

All the burgers come with fries; you can pay extra for Dutch fries.

The place is really cool, and they have loads of tables to cater for big groups. The people that work there are polite and friendly.

Burgers are reasonably price as they are Gourmet burgers. I pay £9.95 for my Nach-Yo burger with fries. I always enjoy it loads. If you come to Sheffield and you like burgers definitely head to Unit.

88 Headford St, Broomhall, Sheffield S3 7WB.

T: +44 (0)114 438 1532 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

HALAL STATUS Fully Halal • BYO alcohol

AmigosC Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

Amigos is the place to go if you like Mexican food. My niece is obsessed with this place, she requests Amigos as often as most kids ask for Disneyland. My personal favourites there are the chicken nachos that come covered in so much cheese sauce.

The place is really easy to find, and the service is quick and friendly. I’ve tried many of the items on their menu. My go-to items are the quesadillas and the chicken nachos. The prices are really reasonable. When I visit Amigos, we tend to order a bit of everything on the menu, because it is too hard to choose, and I would advise anyone who goes there to do the same.

Amigos Mexican Kitchen
224-230 London Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4LW.

T: +44 (0)114 258 5900 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-22:30


Treatz Food Around the UK’s Top 5 restaurants in Sheffield

Last but not least, my favourite dessert place in Sheffield. Treatz is one of those places where you want everything on the menu.

I am a cookie dough addict and theirs is the best in Sheffield in my opinion. The service is quick, and you never have to wait long to get your dessert (a bonus if you ask me!). The place looks really nice and is always very clean. The desserts are reasonably priced and there is a huge variety.

The only thing that could be improved is a bigger Mocktail menu. If you are in Sheffield and you are craving something sweet, head to Treatz.

200-204 London Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4LW.

T: +44 (0)114 438 5594 | W:

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-00:00

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