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Top 5 fully Halal restaurants in Yorkshire

By Savannah Hussain (@yorkshirefoodgal)

Yorkshire is beautiful; a huge county known for a variety of things to see, do and eat, including a wide range of different Halal food available at our finger tips.

From curries to burgers, you will always find something spectacular to tickle your taste buds.

You really don’t need to travel far to get something delicious to satisfy your cravings. Below are five of my favourite places to eat out!

CONA (Bradford)

Top 5 Halal Restaurant Yorkshire Cona Bradford

Cona is my go-to place when meeting up with the girls. We love it – the food, the atmosphere, and the exceptional service. Everything is always spot on.

Cona is a little Italian restaurant which offers Lunch, A La Carte, and a Sunday roast menu. I’ve tried them all and can officially tell you I’ve never had any complaints. If it’s your first time visiting, I would suggest trying the Sunday roast. They have a variety of mains available so you will have plenty to choose from.

This menu is priced at two courses for £25.95 and three courses at £29.95. For the quality of the food, I think the price is more than reasonable. But if you fancy spoiling yourself, try something from the A La Carte menu; it really is exceptional.

Parking is available right outside so you don’t have much walking to do at all.

CAFE DE AKBAR'S (Bradford)

Top 5 Halal Restaurant Yorkshire Cafe De Akbar's Bradford

Cafe De Akbar’s is my favourite place to go out for a yummy curry with family and friends. Cafe Akbar’s is a casual eatery, with great atmosphere and very family-friendly.

I particularly enjoy the starters here. My go-to has to be the liver tikka and lamb chops. I also enjoy the curries; they are always cooked just the way I like them. They also serve English cuisine; so if you’re not in the mood for a typical curry, you could try this alternative.

The price range is pretty average though, I would say. I’m sure you could get a starter, curry and a naan for around £20, which is fantastic.

Cafe De Akbar’s is always the place we end up at when going out for family meals. We just know everyone will find something they will be happy eating.

They have a car park available which is easily accessible.

JACOBS (Wakefield)

Top 5 Halal Restaurant Yorkshire Jacobs Wakefield

Jacobs is the place I go to when I fancy a burger, specifically a chicken one. They do smash burgers too, but my favourite has to be the crispy chicken sandwich. I love it! It’s so light and crispy, and always perfectly cooked.

If you don’t fancy a burger alternative, then you could maybe get some chicken and rice, or a fresh salad. While I smetimes get a smash burger, I always like to get the chicken and waffles as an extra just to get my chicken fix. They have a range of different shakes available also, which are very tasty.

Jacobs has very American-diner vibe to it. Bright and very inviting, the atmosphere is very relaxed and chilled, and extremely family-friendly. I’ve been with my daughters and they enjoy it just as much as mummy does.

Price-wise, I think it’s pretty good. Under £10 you can get a burger, some crinkle chips, and a drink. Definitely a try if you like your burgers!

Parking here isn’t the best. You can use the Trinity car park and take a little walk up to the diner, which isn’t far.

SHIMLAS (Bradford)

Top 5 Halal Restaurant Yorkshire Shimlas Bradford

Shimlas is known for their chicken donner. It’s my go-to place when I fancy one.

Shimlas is a very family-oriented restaurant, serving contemporary dishes from Kashmir and the Punjab. The interior is modern and combined with a bit of traditional designs. All though they are known for the donner kebabs, they do have a wide range of delicious dishes available.

I have to say, it’s always very busy so do expect to wait a little, whether that be for eating-in or taking away. Their price range is average. A chicken donner with naan and a portion of chips is around £10.

Parking here isn’t the best either. They do have some available in the side street; but that’s literally all about luck!

BITE BURGER (Bradford)

Top 5 Halal Restaurant Yorkshire Bite Burger Bradford

Credit: Bite Burger

Bite Burger is the place I go to when I want a juicy smashed burger. Always made to perfection with the freshest ingredients. The atmosphere here is very welcoming, and the interior, again, is very American diner-style.

The smashed burger has to be one of the best I’ve ever had. I always get the crunchy bite just because I love crispy fried onions. I also really like the Texas BBQ chicken poppers – so delicious. A burger, chips and drink is around £9, which I think is quite decent considering how really tasty it is. The chicken poppers are around £3.50 though, which is average. I just wish the portion was bigger. All in all, the price range is great I think, considering the food is always fresh and spot on.

Parking is available to the rear of the diner. If it is full, you can always use the NCP car park at the side. If your lucky, like me, you could always get it delivered through Deliveroo.

Savannah Hussain, aka @yorkshirefoodgal, is a basic Yorkshire Gal who loves life! Follow her on her journey of life and yummy food.

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