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McDonald’s-inspired Halal alternatives across London


The struggle for economic justice by fast food employees working at mega-corporations like McDonald’s isn’t just restricted to the recent strikes in the US.

The last time workers undertook such action against McD’s in the UK was November 2019 when London-based employees protested for a raise in their minimum rates of pay.

To highlight this weekend’s protest for a similar increase in the federal minimum wage, here’s our alt list of Halal-inspired McDonald’s brands across London starting with Famz Peri Peri.


Famz Peri Peri are the big boys in Ilford’s Gants Hill whose impressive menu, you might recall, we covered extensively in our article Family at the heart of Famz Peri Peri in London Gants Hill.

If you’re looking for a near perfect version of the famous Big Mac, look no further than Famz’s The Big Makk, which got the all-important nod from social media influencer and content producer ironically called @dabigmaks (see the video above).

But that’s not all, they also do the Single, Double or Triple Cheeseburger, a Quarter Pounder, and, if you want some spice to your meals, the innovative desi-inspired Kofta Burger.

Famz Peri Peri Halal Burgers Chicken Gants Hill London

The Big Makk by Famz Peri Peri in Gants Hill

Famz Peri Peri
396 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, London, IG2 6HW.

T: +44 (0)20 8554 6006 | W: @famz_peri

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00

Bim's Burgers McDonald's Ilford

Credit: Bim’s

Another fast food place is Bim’s (IG1 2LZ) who boast two east London restaurants, one in Walthamstow and a larger venue on Ilford Lane.

The latter one is tech-savvy with two automated ordering machines – similar to some McD restaurants – to move things along more smoothly during lockdown.


The Hungry Cow Burgers McDonald's East London

Credit: The Hungry Cow

East London is also home to The Hungry Cow on Commercial Road (E1 1RD) with 99p cheeseburgers, as well as Big Mac and Quarter Pounder equivalents.

Maks Burgers London McDonald's Halal

Credit: Maks Burgers

Maks Burgers in Streathams’ Mitcham Lane  (SW16 6LG) is entirely a takeaway with all your favourites including Filet-O-Fish, the Double Quarter Pounder and of course the Big Mac.


Mega Burger HMC Halal Restaurant McDonald's Burger King Walthamstow London

Mega Burger says it’s the first HMC certified fast food brand in east London’s Whitechapel area (E1 1NL) to offer McDonald’s inspired Halal burgers.

Located on Commercial Road, these guys provide quality high street burgers at affordable prices with items ranging from £1 cheeseburgers to £7 flame grilled burgers.

Pit-Stop McDonald's Burgers Seven Kings Ilford London

Credit: Pit-Stop, sanas_homecooking

Another one in Ilford is Pit-Stop on the High Road in Seven Kings (IG3 8EG). This small 24-cover eatery is HMC certified that also does a variety of other items too.


Slamburger Halal Fast food restaurant London Walthamstow

While Slamburger does boast three restaurants across the country, currently their only London brannch is located on Walthamstow’s Hoe Street (E17 9PT). They are one of the original pioneers in introducing Halal-inspired McDonald’s to the UK market.

Smart Burgers Halal McDonald's London Wood Green

Credit: Smart Buns

Another McD’s copycat is north London’s HMC certified Smart Buns. Situated on Wood Green’s Turnpike Lane (N8 0DY), this brand has all your favourites including the Big Smart with two beef patties, a Double Cheese Burger, and much more.

Sponsored by Famz Peri Peri

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