The Hungry Cow Burgers McDonald's East London

The Hungry Cow launches today with charity drive


The Hungry Cow Burgers McDonald's East London

Credit: The Hungry Cow

A new takeaway will be launching in East London today with 100% of the proceeds made later today to be donated to charity.

The Hungry Cow has said that “every penny” will be going to UK-based Salam Charity which works “globally to help communities fight poverty by creating income opportunities, educating people & inspiring social change”.

Located on Commercial Street and opening at 5pm, it said: “It won’t be 20%, nor 50%, but the entire 100% towards donations. Please come down and help us start our business on a good note.”

While a menu has yet to be published online, judging by their Instagram, The Hungry Cow appears to be another one of those inspired by McDonald’s, with images of a 99p cheeseburger, as well as Big Mac and Quarter Pounder equivalents.

Only last month, we saw the opening of another McD’s copycat, Bims, with Maks Burgers opening before them, and Slamburger earlier still in 2019 – all London based and all within the space of a year.

The Hungry Cow
111A Commercial Road, London E1 1RD.

+44 (0)20 7375 2553 | W:

Opening Hours: Sat-Thur 12:00-23:00 | Fri 14:00-23:00

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