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Halal Food Blogs’ top restaurants in West Yorkshire

By Halal Food Blogs (@halal.foodblogs)

With a mixture of tastes and flavours from different cultures, West Yorkshire has the greatest variety of food for me.

Travelling to these locations isn’t much hassle either and is most definitely worth it for the sheer quality of food available to try. So here’s my five top places to try.

DEWAN (Leeds)

Dewan Restaurant Leeds Yorkshire Halal

Dewan restaurant in Leeds has one of the finest collection of Middle Eastern foods and desserts. As I am a frequent attender, the service and atmosphere inside is without a doubt outstanding each time.

Dewan Restaurant Leeds Yorkshire HalalThe staff are consistently polite and welcoming as soon as I enter. I would really suggest this place if you are craving Arabian food as it tastes delicious.

The prices of the dishes are good for the quality and the amount of food you receive (around £35-£40 for two).

Important Note: The downside is that this restaurant does not have its own car park.

YOREM (Batley)

Yorem Turkish Batley Yorkshire

Located closer to where I live, Yorem is a great place to go to at lunchtime if you are feeling something different.

Yorem Turkish Batley YorkshireWith brilliant service, the food is always fresh, served with exceptional quality, and superbly priced too at around £35-£40 for two people.

The fact that staff members can always be seen in the kitchen, is very good, in my opinion, in upholding confidence for a customer that the food is cooked in a clean and healthy environment.

Important Note: It does not have its own car park. However, it is in Batley town, so it’s very easy to pay and park.

MUMTAZ (Leeds)

Mumtaz in Leeds is one of my favourite places to attend on special occasions. Famous for authentic Kashmiri cuisine, this very popular restaurant brand is well known, with branches located all over the country.

In my opinion, the one in Leeds is one of the best curry places around! It is always a great environment and has such amazing staff and exceptional customer service. The price of the food is quite high though at £40-£50 for two persons. But, in my estimation, it is worth it for the food and the atmosphere.

Important Note: It has its own car park, which is a bonus! Monday’s, however, the restaurant is closed.


I have tried various steakhouses around West Yorkshire, but Toro’s Steakhouse for me is one of the greatest. Whenever I have been, the customer service has always been terrific!

Toro's Steakhouse Bradford Yorkshire HalalThe food is delightful; though the prices are quite high (around £20 per head). However, I would recommend this place to people if you are looking to try out a new steakhouse. You will not be disappointed.

Important Note: It does not have its own car park. But, it is easy to find a parking spot during weekdays. Weekends are always busier, so it may be harder to find a spot near by.

BERRIES (Bradford)

Berries Bagels & Shakes Bradford

Berries Bagels & Shakes BradfordHave you ever tried bagels? An amazing go-to place for me is Berries in Bradford. They have a range of exceptional bagels, shakes and some mouth-watering desserts. Their waffles are so luscious and creamy. You definitely need to try them out.

The only thing I am concerned about is their service. While customers always want their food as fast as possible, Berries does take a little longer to prepare theirs than others. Nonetheless, their food is always worth the wait, with the price also being very good at about £10 per person.

Important Note: It does not have its own car park. Yet, it is easy to find a parking spot (except during weekends).

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