Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities Awal Fuseini

New book ’21st century guide to the Halal market’


A new book detailing the economic significance of the Halal market including the different Halal slaughter methods and the significance of animal welfare in Islam, has been published.

Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities Awal Fuseini‘Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities’ aims at providing a breakdown of the benefits of Halal certification to food businesses along with suggestions on how the welfare of animals can be improved during Halal slaughter.

This “21st century guide to the Halal market” has been authored by Dr Awal Fuseini – Halal Sector Manager of the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) – and published by Context Publications.

With the Halal sector being one of the fastest growing segments of the meat industry across Europe, there has been a scramble for a share of the Halal market by the mainstream retail multiples and some independent butchers.

This has led to welfare concerns regarding traditional Halal methods of slaughter with the book looking to highlight some of the modern slaughter technologies based on different markets which includes pre-slaughter stunning.

With the rules of Halal meat production somewhat misunderstood by the industry due to differing interpretations of the Islamic dietary laws, the author hopes to enable food business operators to better understand the market’s dynamics.

While experts from different fields have contributed with technical commentary on key issues, Dr Fuseini himself has published widely on Halal slaughter, certification and animal welfare in key journals including Meat Science, Animal Welfare, and CAB Reviews.

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