Hijazi Corner celebrates launch in London’s Edgware Road


Hijazi Corner Halal Restaurant Saudi Yemen Edgware London

Credit: Hijazi Corner

Traditionally dressed Arabs in long white garbs celebrated the opening of London’s “first Hijaz (Saudi & Yemani) restaurant” yesterday (credit: Zaman Siddiqui).

Located in Paddington, Hijazi Corner launched to plenty of fanfare with traditional Arab drums called ‘duffs’ being played on Old Marylebone Road.

The new place takes over from Turkish eatery Tibawi near Paddington Station, and offers dishes quintessential to that part of the world.

Opening early at 8am, they serve a number of breakfasts that include their Special Hijazi Corner of hummus, broad bean, liver, feta cheese, egg, halawa tahini and salad.

There’s a large selection of pasteries too such as the Lahem Belajin, as well as Motabag, which is bread filled with various sweet and savoury ingredients.

And though they serve a number of main dishes centering around lamb and chicken, there’s also a Seabass Tanoor, and a trio of Specials with a whole lamb and rice going for just £240.

Hijazi Corner
332 Old Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5RA.

+44 (0)7904 697060/ 20 7723 4450 | W: @hijazicorner

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 08:00-00:00 | Fri-Sat 08:00-01:00

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