Black Lives Matter Hungry Sheikhs Support London Businesses

Support black-owned London restaurants – Hungrysheikhs

By @Hungrysheikhs

Black Lives Matter Hungry Sheikhs Support London Businesses

Credit: Hungry Sheikhs; Chicken Kitchen, Crepes And Cones, Dark Sugars, New Kingston Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

The coronavirus outbreak has been a tragic time for us all. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement (#BlackLivesMatter) is aiming to make the world a better place after this pandemic.

We would also like to change the world to be a safer place post-corona for black people who are suffering racism. In the 21st century, we should have been able to overcome racial stigmas, racism, and police brutality. The police should be the ones keeping us safe. If they cannot keep our black brothers and sisters safe, then we will stand for and with them until the end!

Many black business owners have been protesting for equal rights – a cause which should have been addressed many years ago. Due to this they are unable to focus on their bread and butter and have already faced a huge loss due to this pandemic.

If we can promote and support them, this will bring some ease during this difficult time. They need us now more than ever. We must stand as one and unite as one big family.

We as two sisters respresenting Hungrysheikhs have made this list to promote some black-owned restaurants, with the following five being some Halal eateries we have heard of and tried across London:

Crepes And Cones – This is an independent restaurant owned by rappers Krept and Konan located in their home town of Croydon. They offer a fully Halal menu. However, alcohol is served. They offer a mix of savoury soul food and desserts. When they first opened, they had huge queues due to their popularity and demand; yet now they are relying purely on takeaways.

New Kingston Jamaican Cuisine – This family-owned restaurant is located in Wembley. They are currently open for takeaways and delivery. They are always giving great service and hospitality, and have welcoming instore-vibe. We personally recommend their jerk chicken and rice as it’s full of flavour with the perfect spice.

Dark Sugars – They have two branches located on Brick Lane and are owned by West Africans. They specialise in handmade chocolates, and cater for vegans, with a wide selection available. Dark Sugars are known for their dining experience, which includes their famous hot chocolate which is served with fresh gratings of chocolate. This is the perfect treat after a meal if you are around East London.

Candycakes – A fairly new business started via Instagram. Created by a young Zimbabwean girl named Tiana, she specialises in drip cakes. We have ordered from her many times, as she always meets our needs, and her cakes are delicious and moist. Tiana is super talented and made us the perfect wedding cake. We would recommend her to everyone as she caters for all occasions.

Chicken Kitchen – Due to popular demand, they have opened a second branch in Acton after their first in Shepherd’s Bush. This restaurant has been visited by many famous UK artists. They are famously known for their dumpling burger and homemade fruit punch.

These are only a few of our favourites listed and we call for the support of ALL black businesses, including our full list below:

  • Banaa Diri – Shepherd’s Bush
  • Candycakes – Watford
  • Chicken Kitchen – Shepherd’s Bush
  • Chuku’s Nigerian Tapas – Tottenham
  • Crepes and Cones – Croydon
  • Dark Sugars – Shoreditch
  • Drums and Flats – Peckham
  • Hanson Grill – Preston Road
  • Hilltop Roti – Ealing
  • Grubb Diner – Tottenham
  • Jamaica Patty Co – Covent Garden
  • King’s Kitchen – Park Royal
  • New Kingston Jamaican Cuisine – Wembley
  • Nickaycia’s – Willesden
  • Rayaan Restaurant & Cafe – Tottenham
  • Rhythm Kitchen – Walthamstow
  • Roti Kitchen – Ealing
  • Rudie’s Jerk Shack – Shoreditch
  • Spices – Willesden
  • Trap Kitchen – Balham
  • Wha Gwan – Wandsworth

Lastly, we would like to tank Feed The Lion for this opportunity in supporting the BLM movement. We hope everyone is keeping safe.

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