iFoodEat Halal Caribbean Ealing London

iFood Eat brings Halal Caribbean to Ealing Broadway


iFoodEat Halal Caribbean Ealing London

Credit: iFoodEat

A new fully Halal Jamaican and Caribbean restaurant has opened next door to dessert parlour Creams and opposite Ealing Town Hall in west London.

Having taken over from iFoodPlus, which used to offer a fusion of Caribbean and Middle Eastern cuisine, iFood Eat recently opened in the New Broadway.

The 40-cover eatery has been given an impressive facelift too in comparison to its predecessor, though with “authentic Caribbean cuisine” still available to order through the iFoodPlus app and via partners Deliveroo.

Of course all the classics are there ranging from brown stew chicken, curry chicken, curry goat, oxtail, pepper steak, saltfish and veg, steam cabbage, and stew chicken, to ackee and saltfish, brown stew chicken, callaloo and saltfish, jerk chicken, and lamb curry.

iFood Eat also offer a variety of Jamaican patties too like beef, cheesy beef, chicken, jerk chicken, lamb, prawn, saltfish, and veggie, as well as Jamaican wraps such as ackee and callaloo, ackee and saltfish, or just callaloo among others.

iFood Eat
39-41 New Broadway, Ealing, London W5 5AH.

Tel: +44 (0)20 3823 7805 | W: @ifoodeat_

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00

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